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Forest Bathing | Mental Health Awareness week | Wildeye Adventures

The theme chosen for this years Mental Health Awareness week by the Mental Health Foundation is "Nature & the Environment" The entire week provides an opportunity to tune into the healing power of nature.

Wildeye Adventures will be hosting free forest bathing sessions in woodlands based in Buckinghamshire for Mental Health Awareness week.

Wildeye Adventures will be leading free forest bathing sessions in woodlands based in Buckinghamshire during Mental Health Awareness week.

8 people per session. Booking required.

Date: Wednesday 12th May 2021

Time: 11am - 1pm

Location: Hodgemoor Woods, Buckinghamsire. Meet at in the car park.

Date: Friday 14th May 2021

Location: Hodgemoor Woods, Buckinghamsire. Meet at in the car park.

Time: 11am to 1pm

For booking please contact:

Find a free forest walk near you:
"The evidence is clear that access to nature is crucial for our mental health and millions of people re-discovered that during lockdowns this year. However, this was not the same for all of us. We want to explore what the barriers are and ensure everyone is able to share in the natural world and experience the mental health benefits."


  • Boosts Immune System

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Relieves stress & anxiety

  • Increases the body's Natural Killer Cells (Cancer fighting)

  • Improves creativity

  • Improves focus

  • Enhances your senses

  • Improves vision

  • Lowers blood sugar levels

  • Improves concentration

  • Improves sleep (Insomnia)

  • Improves cognitive skills

Nature & Therapy UK is partnering with the Mental Health Foundation during Mental Health Awareness week and will be hosting free forest bathing walks all over the UK. Qualified Forest Bathing practitioners via Nature & Therapy UK will be offering free forest bathing walks to help share the healing benefits of spending time around trees and woods.

Shinrin Yoku translated literally means a ‘Forest shower’ or ‘Forest Bathing’ It is connecting the human senses to a woodland/forest environment. Shinrin-Yoku is not an exercise, it is simply the act of being in a woodland. So rarely are we still in the modern world. Finding time to slow down for peace of mind is important for mental health and wellbeing.

Shinrin Yoku originated in Japan in the 1980’s as a response to mass urbanisation, disconnection from the land and the results of unhealthy lifestyles in large overcrowded cities.

In the western world we face a slightly different type of challenge – we are being influenced to consume more and more as a way of supporting an unsustainable economy, based on finite resources and ecological degradation.

We are also witnessing an increase in demands on an overstretched NHS as our modernised lifestyles can often lead to mental health issues.

The Woodland Trust recommends that Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing) should be among a range of non-medical therapies and activities recommended by GPs’ surgeries to boost patient's wellbeing. “Forest bathing is an opportunity for people to take time out, slow down and connect with nature. We think it could be part of the mix of activities for social prescription,” Stuart Dainton of the Woodland Trust told the Observer. “Evidence about its benefits is building.”

"There is no wifi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection"

Shinrin-yoku was developed in the 1980s in Japan. Although people had been taking walks in the country’s forests for centuries, new scientific studies revealed that forest bathing helps to reduce blood pressure, lower cortisol levels and can improve creativity, concentration and memory. A chemical released by trees and plants called phytoncides, helps to produce natural killer cells in the body, boosting the immune system. Just one day of forest exposure can boost the immune system for up to 3 weeks.

As more research was developed in Japan highlighting the benefits of shinrin-yoku, the Japanese government decided to incorporated it into the country’s health programme. If any patients visit the doctor in Japan complaining of stress and anxiety of modern day life; patients are prescribed a day off work to spend time in woodlands.

Shinrin-Yoku is incorporated in the Japanese health care system.

Or camp overnight in ancient woodlands on Woodland Escape course with Wildeye Adventures
WOODLAND ESCAPE overnight survival camp, including Shinrin-Yoku hosted by Wildeye Adventures


Date: 15th & 16th May 2021

Location: Private ancient woodlands in Brasted Chart, Sevenoaks, Kent

Price: £95 per person or £180 per couple (breakfast included)

Woodland Escape is an adult only camp based in private ancient woodlands.

Have the opportunity to learn bushcraft skills and take part in Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) Spend the day learning essential survival skills and have the opportunity to apply them on an overnight experience encouraging solitude. Explore the woods, find a spot and construct a camp. The more effort you put in, the better the outcome. This entire experience is self- catered so please bring personal food for the duration of your stay. Discover useful skills & techniques which allow you to stay warm, dry & comfortable outdoors. Cook dinner over a fire and fall asleep under a canopy of trees. The next morning after breakfast and decamp. Take part in a 2 hour forest bathing immersion session before departure.

For more information & booking on overnight bushcraft camping with Wildeye Adventures please visit:


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