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A wild retreat for women in 200 acres of stunning Welsh landscape. This off-grid camping experience is an opportunity to reconnect & reignite a sense of adventure. 

Many of us these days seek a sense of community and time spent in wild places, but may not have the opportunity to travel, wild camp or the right to roam. This experience will provide nature connection, a sense of adventure, a taste of an off-grid lifestyle and time spent camping in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  

Bring personal tents and camping equipment with you for this adventure. Get ready to enter a wild & wonderful valley. Here you're stepping out of the comfort zone. Personal growth, exploration & retreat go hand in hand with living close to the earth in its raw & natural beauty. Come and connect to these wild lands; to mother nature's elements. Nature is blessed in hopeful mornings, where waters run free and fire light burns bright in evenings under starry night skies. 

Relax by the riverside, go on walkabouts; explore surrounding hills, waterfalls, rock gorges & plunge pools. Find the time to bathe all your senses, alone in nature.

On site, you'll have access to communal structures. These are sheltered spaces to use at your own free will. There's a wood-fired sauna and a waterfall plunge pool nearby. 


We'll have access to a large Roundhouse, here we will meet up for healing circles or musical jams. There's also a main communal eating/kitchen space, to connect with other guests during meal times. You'll also have access to the Women's Lodge. A smaller Roundhouse to relax & meet up in.

There will be an optional guided foraging walk, to learn more about the wild plants in the lands & activities to take part in. However, these are not conditional so you are free to be. There will be plenty of opportunities for solitude, to explore, relax or socialise with others in communal spaces. 

An opportunity to reconnect with nature, 
each other and yourself.

11th to 14th July 2024



We are inviting up to 30 guests for the experience. Booking & payment details are provided via email. Depending on numbers, this could adapt.

What to expect during your stay:

  • Camping in the valley (with no other outside groups)

  • Exploring rock pools & waterfalls

  • Bathing in plunge pools (wild dips)

  • Access to Roundhouse (for healing circles / musical jams)

  • Access to Women's Lodge

  • Access to a wood fired sauna - with a healing temple space & natural plunge pool next door

  • Access to community kitchen 

  • 3 meals per day (plant based diet)

  • Guided Foraging walk (get to know trees & plants in the valley (optional)

  • Belly dancing workshop (optional)

The entire experience is catered for meal times, serving vegetarian food for breakfast, lunch & dinner on all days. 




Morning times are for relaxation & personal time. This is a space of exploration and personal freedom. It gifts the opportunity to be your complete self in nature. You are free to be; on these wild lands. They'll be plenty of opportunities for wild dips and bathing, so be sure to bring swim wear & a towel. You'll also need a towel for the sauna.


We may gather in the Roundhouse for a community fire, for jamming, an opportunity to connect with each other in a circle. We welcome any personal skills, creativity, instruments & open jams, but most importantly; yourself. If you have something you wish to the circle, like a chant, song, poem or offering. We welcome your skills, please get in touch to share your skills. Guests are open to exchanging skills on site (yoga, singing, meditation, Qi Gong etc)


There are things to explore, like a wood fired sauna you may have access to. A healing temple space, the roundhouses to gather in and a private women's lodge.

After full payment is received & booking is confirmed, you'll be sent specific directions to the site & further details. Please do not share these details with anyone else. You are being invited to a unique & special place in the UK.


Please connect via email if you have any enquiries, questions or to book a place.

For women aged 18+ years - 65 years old. 




You might as well fully immerse yourself into the experience - you are going off-grid! Sometimes you can get signal, if a satellite is flying over but otherwise get ready to lock off technology for a few days.

You'll be sent a postcode and given specific directions on how to reach the site, once you've paid the full amount. Please do not share this postcode with others, you are being given access to an exclusive land space.

Getting into the valley village is an adventure in itself!


You'll be sent directions to the site after booking. Access to the site is now solely by a mountain road. You cannot drive into the valley itself. You will be greeted in daylight hours in the main car park on arrival by on-site volunteers. They will assist you in getting yourself, your gear, tent, friends or whatever is needed effortlessly into valley. Arrival times are 12pm to 3pm. Please aim arrive in daylight hours, we will not be able to collect you or your gear after dark.


You'll be leaving personal cars behind. On arrival to the car park, vehicles will ferry you and all your stuff down from the carpark (where you will arrive & set up tents) It's about a 10min drive from the car park down into the valley. The road is spectacular with breath taking views over the waterfalls, glittering rock faces & high moors, descending into the sheltering woods of the secret kingdom nestled among wild waters and forest. A warm welcome awaits all who make the journey.

The nearest town is the charming village of "Llanidloes"


If you are coming by train, go to "Newtown, Powys"

We recommend a taxi service called "Luxor Cabs" (they taken previous guests who have travelled to the site before) If you're a solo traveller, please enquire with us if you intend to get the train & taxi. We may be able connect you to other guests for cab shares via social media. It's £50 one way to the site with a taxi & you'll need to book it in advance. 

Please give the driver the full directions and not just the post code or you will get lost! (we will send directions to you via email after booking)

There's a train from Birmingham International Airport to Newtown, Powys, which is the most direct.



Date: Thursday 11th July to Sunday 14th July 2024 

ARRIVAL: Thursday 11th July between 12pm to 3pm. Meet in the main car park.

DEPARTURE: Sunday 14th July - You may depart after breakfast/lunch. It depends when you wish to leave.

Location: A 200 acre valley in West Wales. Postcode, location details & directions will be shared upon booking.

PRICE: £320 per guest - This includes vegetarian breakfast, lunch & dinner on all days. Camping fees (bell tents not included - 4 bell tents available on site to book for an extra fee) Guided foraging walk, belly dancing workshop, access to the communal sheltered eating/social space, free teas & coffees all day, everyday, access to Wood-Fired Sauna, Roundhouse & Women's Lodge. No other outside groups/guests inside the valley (excluding volunteers already working on site). We've got the whole valley to ourselves.

£300 for early bird booking - before January 2024 

You may pay in instalments & design a payment plan to suit you.

booking a bell tent: There are 4 bell tents on site available to book in advance. This is an extra charge if you wish to book a bell tent. Price is £120 per Bell Tent (to hire for the duration of your stay)


There are 4 bell tents available on site for booking & its a first come first served basis) Otherwise please bring your own personal tent for the experience. One bell tent fits up to 3 adults including kit. Best for a group of friends. 


5 hours drive from London

3 hours from Bristol

2.5 hours from Birmingham or Manchester

You will be sent detailed driving directions to the site address via email once payment & booking has been completed.


If you are arriving by train, the closest train station is "Newtown Powys" and then it's a 50min drive to the site via Taxi. We recommend a cab company called Luxor Cabs. Please let us know if you plan to arrive by train & taxi.


This experience is for women only. 18+ to 65 years old. Maximum 35 guests.

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This land space has Celtic roundhouses & yurts, fire places and temples, set within a spectacular valley camp ground set amongst the rock faces, wild wooded gorges, rock pools & waterfalls of 200 acres of rewilding land. The settlement also features a wood-fired sauna, a tibetan Dakini temple, warm cosy carpeted meeting lodges with wood fire stoves, a fully equipped off-grid kitchen with fresh drinkable spring water and compost toilets in line with a low impact ethos. The entire site is off grid, offering total privacy and seclusion. There will be other volunteers supporting on site (male & female)


Please bring suitable tents for the camping experience. Make sure they are waterproof. If your tent is old, check it to see if it's still in good condition. The weather can change in the valley and you are visiting a temperate forest environment. Camping is alongside the river, you can explore on arrival and see where you wish to camp. Avoid camping near any boggy areas close to the river. 


You'll be sent a kit list after booking (refer to kit list below) 4 bell tents are available on site to book, on a first come first serve basis. They can fit up to 3 adults with your kit included. Best suited to a group of friends. 

There are swim spots, rock pools and waterfalls nearby. Please only use eco-friendly & non-toxic products if swimming or bathing. Respecting the environment is a must. Eco-toilets are available on site.


Catered vegetarian food is served for the duration of your stay. Breakfast, lunch & dinner are served on all days in the community dining space. This area is sheltered for eating/socialising. Free teas & coffee are available on all days, anytime, as well as herbal tea. You are welcome to bring any extra treats/chocolate/snacks if you wish, in case you get peckish in between meals. There are no shops here, stock up on any sweets & treats before arrival.

“Take time out to relax, rejuvenate & heal whilst surrounded by beautiful nature"



The site is entirely off grid, for simple but elegant living.

​There are natural waterfalls and fairytale bathing pools. Please do not use any chemical soap in the natural water.  

On arrival you will be leaving personal cars in the car park, and being collected by 4x4 vehicles that will drive you on to site. Take all your kit, otherwise it's a 15min walk back up a steep road back to the carpark. You'll be given lifts back to the car park on the Sunday.


There is a cosy wood fire sauna, for more of a deeper cleanse.

Other than this, there are no hot showers.

Beautiful fresh drinking water from the spring is accessible from various taps dotted around camp.

There are compost toilets that are private & secluded. However, most of the time you may need to adapt & think like a wild cat. You'll be advised during wilderness skills.

There are solar panels, rechargeable stations for phones & minor equipments, but no mains electricity. Bring battery/phone chargers if you need them.

Phone network & signal is sparse in the valley, although most people get signal up the hill in the car park.


There is no electricity at night time in the valley, you are advised to bring torches & spare batteries. You'll be going off grid for a few days. This is an opportunity to unplug from the digital world. 

There will be sheltered spaces to gather in. You are welcome to light personal camp fires by your tents. We recommend bringing a personal supply of kindling and using fire dish (off the ground camp fire) Otherwise please use any used fire spaces you locate on the lands. Check these out.

Please don't wander too far up the mountain or on any steep cliffs. You don't need to travel far to immerse yourself in beauty. You are also not obliged to take part in any the activities/sessions/circles. They are there on offer.

You will be outside for the duration of your stay. Come prepped with relevant outdoor clothing & footwear. Refer to kit list below. Midges tend to come out around sunset time. It's best to have a fire lit around twilight and just before sunset time. Bring insect repellant & bite cream.

You'll be sent a risk assessment, kit list, location details and further information on how to reach the site, via email after booking (You'll sent specific directions)

Personal responsibility and adapting to the elements & land is encouraged. You'll be stepping out of the comfort zone, to experience a taste of adventure, away from the regular norms of an urban environment. 

It's an open and friendly community vibe and they'll be plenty of opportunities for seclusion and privacy. Depends on your intentions and how you feel.



  • Tent (make sure it's still waterproof)


  • 3 season sleeping bag & roll/foam Mat (for underneath sleeping bag


  • Camping Equipment

  • Tarp (optional, for extra shelter)


  • Day Pack 


  • Blanket / Rug / Mat 


  • Insect repellent / Bug
    spray (Midges come out at sunset)


  • Bite cream

  • Sun cream / Sun lotion

  • Toiletries (eco-friendly & non-toxic)


  • Toilet Paper


  • Flip flops / Sandals

  • Ear plugs


  • Camp Chair


  • Torch / Lantern (spare batteries)


  • Snacks / Extra picnic / camp food


  • Flask for hot drinks


  • Refillable water bottle


  • Warm clothes for night


  • Shorts / T-shirts / sleeveless top


  • Swim wear


  • Towel


  • Waterproof Jacket


  • Outdoor trainers / boots 


  • Sunglasses


  • Hat 


  • Fire dish / back up kindling & wood (optional, if you wish to have your own personal camp fire) Lighter / matches

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