A wild retreat for both men & women (by popular demand) in 200 acres of beautiful Welsh landscape. This unique off-grid camping experience is an opportunity to reconnect and reignite a sense of a community, during a time of separation. A unique adventure for those wishing to escape city life and immerse themselves in nature.

Relax by the riverside, go on walkabouts; explore surrounding hills, waterfalls, rock gorges & rock pools. On site, you'll have access to a wood fired sauna and both a private men's and a women's lodge. These are communal indoor spaces for you to use at your own free will. There is also a communal eating & kitchen sheltered space on site.

Many of us these days seek a sense of community and time spent in wild places, but may not have the opportunity to travel abroad. This experience will provide a taste of adventure, an off-grid lifestyle and time spent camped out in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  

There will be guided walks available and activities to take part in, however, you are free to roam and explore the site at your own free will. There will be plenty of opportunities for solitude in nature, if you enjoy exploring nature.

An opportunity to reconnect with nature, each other and ourselves.

Maximum 20 guests. Advanced booking is advised.

Booking & payment details are provided via email.

Activities during your stay may include:

  • Exploring rock pools, rock gorges & waterfalls

  • Wild dips / bathing

  • Walkabouts 

  • Wilderness Skills (Get accustomed to the land) 

  • Communal fire space / musical jamming 

  • Access to wood fired sauna  

  • Access to community kitchen 

  • Cave Sound Healing 

  • Access to private men / women's lodges

The entire experience is catered for, serving organic vegan food for breakfast, lunch & dinner on all days. 




You'll be welcomed on arrival and directed on where to pitch tents. You'll be based beside a river, inside a valley, surrounded by green hills. Once all personal camp spots have been assembled, we'll meet later in the day to go through basic wilderness skills, to help you get better accustomed to the land during your stay.

Morning times are for relaxation and personal time. This is a space of exploration, seclusion and freedom. It gifts the opportunity to be your complete self in nature. You are free to be; on these wild lands.  

After lunch, you have the option of joining a walkabout to a nearby sites of natural beauty. We'll roam to a place called "The Emerald Pool" They'll be plenty of opportunities for wild dips and bathing, so be sure to bring swim wear & towels. 


In the evening times after dinner, we may gather a community fire for jamming. An opportunity to connect. We welcome any personal skills, creativity, instruments and open jams, but most importantly; yourself.


There are things to explore on site, like a wood fired sauna may have access to. There are roundhouses you may gather and private lodges for men and women.

After payment & booking, you'll be sent more detailed information of sessions & activities. You are not obliged to take part in the sessions or walks. You're free to wonder and roam the lands, at your own free will. 


Please connect via email if you have any enquiries, questions or to book a place.


Maximum 20 guests for this experience.

For men & women aged 18+ years - 65 years old. 




This land space with Celtic roundhouses & yurts, fire places and temples, set within a spectacular valley camp ground set amongst the rock faces, wild wooded gorges, rock pools & waterfalls of 200 acres of rewilding land. The settlement also features a permanent sweat lodge, a sauna, a tibetan Dakini temple, warm cosy carpeted meeting lodges with wood fire stoves, a fully equipped off-grid kitchen with fresh drinkable spring water and compost toilets in line with a low impact ethos.

The entire venue is off grid, offering total privacy and seclusion.


Personal tents and camping equipment is required for your stay. You'll be sent a kit list after booking. Do not expect a glamping experience with Spirit Wildeye. This is encouraging a wild & off-grid experience.

You'll be camped inside a valley, surrounded by hills and situated next to a river. There are swim spots, rock pools and a small waterfall nearby. Please only use eco-friendly & non-toxic products if swimming or bathing.  Respecting the environment is a must. 


Catered organic vegan food is served for the duration of your stay. Some of the plant food served may have been grown or freshly foraged from the surrounding land. Breakfast, lunch & dinner are all provided on all days and served in the community kitchen space. This area is a communal and sheltered area for eating/socialising. Free teas & coffee are available anytime. You are welcome to bring any extra food/snacks along if you wish, in case you get peckish on hikes or between meals.

“Take time out to relax, rejuvenate & heal whilst surrounded by beautiful nature"

Women in the valley.jpg


Date: Thursday 30th June, Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd July 2022

ARRIVAL: Thursday 30th June between 10am to 3pm. Dinner is served between 6pm - 7pm

DEPARTURE: Sunday 3rd July - You may depart after breakfast/lunch

Location: A 200acre land space, in a valley, west Wales.

Postcode & location details will be shared upon booking via email.

PRICE: £200 per adult - this includes all catered organic vegan friendly food. Breakfast, lunch & dinner on all days. Camping fees, guided walks, access to the communal kitchen space, wood fired sauna & private lodge's.   


5 hours drive from London

3 hours from Bristol

2.5 hours from Birmingham or Manchester

If you are arriving by train, the closest train station is "Newtown Powys" and then it's a 50min drive to the site from there. We can arrange a pick up for you from the station at 4pm, so you can arrive on site by 5pm. It's £20 fee for the driver. Please enquire about arranging pick ups.


This experience is men and women 18+ to 65 years old. Maximum 20 guests.

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The site is entirely off grid, for simple but elegant living.

​There are natural waterfalls and fairytale bathing pools. Please do not use any chemical soap in the natural water.  


There is a cosy wood fire sauna, for more of a deeper cleanse.

Other than this, there is no hot showers.

Beautiful fresh drinking water from the spring is accessible from various taps dotted around camp.

There are compost toilets that are private & secluded. However, most of the time you may need to adapt and think like a wild cat. You'll be advised during wilderness skills.

There are solar panels, rechargeable stations for phones & minor equipments, but no mains electricity. Bring battery/phone chargers if you need them.

Phone network & signal is sparse in the valley, although most people get signal up the hill in the car park.

You will take part in wilderness skills on day one, to familiarise yourself with the land & how to respect it during your stay.


There is no electricity at night time in the valley, you are advised to bring torches & spare batteries. You'll be going off grid for a few days. This is an opportunity to unplug from the digital world. 

There may be other women/men staying on site that you may cross paths with. Especially around the communal kitchen space. However, it's a 200acre site so most of the time you'll have plenty of time alone and have plenty of opportunity for seclusion.


Parking is available on arrival, but be prepared to walk your stuff down into the valley and pitch up your own camping spot. It's a short walk down a small hill into the valley but it depends on where you base yourself, it varies. You can walk alongside the river and decide where you wish to be situated.

There will be community fire spots to gather round at night. We'll have meeting times & points. You are welcome to light personal camp fires by your tents. However, we recommend bringing a personal supply of kindling & fuel and using fire dish (off the ground camp fire) 

Check these bad boys out.

You are free to explore the 200acre site, at your own free will. You are not obliged to take part in any the activities/sessions. They are there on offer.

You will be outside for the duration of your stay. Come prepped with relevant outdoor clothing & footwear. Refer to kit list below. Midges tend to come out around sunset time. It's best to be around a fire for twilight and sunset time.

You'll be sent a risk assessment, kit list, location details and further information via email after booking.

Please be advised that this experience is sharing an off-grid and self-sufficient lifestyle. Personal responsibility and adapting to the elements & land is encouraged. You'll be stepping out of the comfort zone, to experience a taste of adventure, a community lifestyle, away from the regular norms of an urban environment. 

Please be aware that there may be others sharing the site, men or women from different circles. It's an open and friendly community vibe and they'll be plenty of opportunities for seclusion and privacy. Depends on your intentions and where you may wish to roam.



Sleeping bag & Roll/Foam Mat (for underneath sleeping bag)

Camping Equipment

Day Pack 

Blanket / Rug / Mat 

Insect repellent / Bug spray (Midges come out at sunset)

Bite cream

Sun cream / Sun lotion

Toiletries (eco-friendly & non-toxic)

Toilet Paper

Flip flops / Sandals

Camp Chair

Torch / Lantern  (spare batteries)

Snacks / Extra picnic/camp food

Flask for hot drinks

Refillable water bottle

Warm clothes for night

Shorts / T-shirts / sleeveless top

Swim wear


Waterproof clothing

Outdoor trainers / boots 

Sandals / flip flops



Instruments for fire jamming (optional, we'll have some to share)

Fire dish / back up kindling & wood (optional, if you wish to have your

own personal camp fire)

Lighter / matches