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Create an Online Radio Show | Schools & Youth | Environment & Conservation Show | UK Health Radio

This initiative provides educational establishments teachers, youth leaders and educational instructors whom work with young people, a chance to produce their own environmental show to air on UK Health Radio.

Wildeye Adventures founded and hosts the Environment & Conservation Show on UK Health Radio.

This initiative provides educational establishments teachers, youth leaders and educational instructors whom work with young people, a chance to produce their own environmental show to air on UK Health Radio.

Create your own online radio show to air on UK Health Radio with the Environment & Conservation Show.

Young people today are surrounded by many technological gadgets, more than ever before. This project aims to inspire youth on the power of their voice and to guide them into using the tools around them effectively, rather than as a distraction. Encouraging investigation, research problem solving, communication as well as creating networks.

Giving young people a voice

This opportunity gives youth a platform to express themselves. For a sense of community, to raise awareness on nature connection, climate action and most importantly to give youth a chance to express their value for the environment. There are many youth today growing up in urban cities that are cut off from the natural world. This mission aims to give young people a path to share their passion, concerns and creativity to the community. In the hopes of creating positive ripples and raising awareness for nature connection and outdoor education.

Creative project idea in Environmental Journalism & Radio Broadcasting

As a teacher, youth leader or any other educational teaching role. This is the opportunity to create a unique and memorable class project. Introducing young people to journalism, media production, presenting and broadcasting, whilst improving their communication skills and confidence in public speaking.

Please connect with Wildeye Adventures by dropping an email to: Introduce yourself and the educational establishment you are connected with or representing.


  • Environment

  • Conservation

  • Outdoor & Environmental Education

  • Nature Connection (wellbeing in nature)

  • Sustainability

  • Environmental Campaigning / Activism

  • Eco-Living

  • Reforestation & Regeneration

  • Rewilding

  • Indigenous Cultures

  • Natural Habitats / Ecosystems

  • Flora & Fauna (Biodiversity)

  • Land Grabs

Remember to find a balance between the negative and positive. If you are discussing certain topics such as deforestation or land grabs. Be sure to highlight NGOs, projects or campaigns that are supporting or benefiting reforestation, tribal land rights or any other positive initiatives.

Environment topics to inspire - feel free to come up with your own ideas.

  • How are the pollution levels in London effecting public health?

  • How can we work towards moving away from fossils fuels?

  • What is sustainability and how can we implement it into our lives?

  • What can we do to reduce plastic consumption?

  • As consumers, how can we help to reduce deforestation?

  • What are the benefits of tree planting?

  • Why is nature important?

  • Why are trees & woodlands beneficial to physical & mental health?

  • What is "eco-anxiety" and how can young people overcome it?

  • Why are bees and other pollinators important to the ecosystem?

  • How do humans treat natural ecosystems?

  • Why is outdoor education beneficial to youth?

Questions to consider:

  • Will I interview others?

  • What will the show be about?

  • What environmental initiatives do I personally connect with?

  • How will I introduce myself to the listeners?

  • Do I wish to solo report on a particular topic?

  • Can I create a group discussion or debate?

  • Are there any environmental campaigns/projects taking place in the community I can engage with?

  • What interview questions can I ask?

  • Why is nature and the environment important to engage with?

  • How will I record a good quality MP3 soundbite?

  • Who can I connect with to support me with this project?

  • Are there any family or friends wishing to participate?

These are all example questions designed to get the brain rolling. Please feel free to think about your own questions and ideas.

Visit the Wildeye Adventures Schools: Create a Radio Show page for further information and to see "frequently asked questions"


Wildeye Adventures can visit educational establishments around London and the South East area. The talk inspires journalism, presenting & broadcasting and requires access to a projector screen, as it involves a powerpoint presentation. This engaging presentation gives an introduction to the radio show’s mission, how to create an online show, exploring topics, how to record, improving interviewer/presenter skills, interviewing techniques and how to use Zoom to interview guests online. This interactive presentation involves brainstorming and group discussion. Giving youth the chance to think about their own ideas, interview questions, voice their own concerns, creating discussion, exploring solutions and realising the potential of their words and how far they can carry. Students can explore environmental initiatives they personally connect with or may wish to raise awareness on. After Yara’s talk, students will be inspired to research environmental news, explore environmental projects in their community, connect with campaigns and be informed on how to create an online radio show for the Environment & Conservation Show. PRICING: It's free to submit content to the show. However, we kindly except donations as the Environment & Conservation Show is a non-for-profit media platform. Inspirational Speaking is optional and designed to inspire youth to create a radio show. Inspirational Speaking - £150 - £250 (depending on travel) Presented by Yara from Wildeye Adventures & presenter of the Environment & Conservation Show. Please visit the Public Speaking page to view a range of other inspiring presentations available to schools.


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