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How to tie a "Square Lashing" Knot

The "Square Lashing" is a useful knot in survival skills and bushcraft because it allows you to bind two or more poles or branches together securely. This is particularly useful when building structures such as shelters, bridges, or furniture in the wilderness. The Square Lashing provides a strong and stable connection between poles, allowing you to create a solid framework for your structure. It is also a relatively easy knot to tie with just a few basic materials and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of applications. Overall, mastering the Square Lashing can greatly enhance your ability to construct useful structures in the wilderness.

In addition to building structures like shelters and furniture, the Square Lashing knot can be useful in a variety of other survival skills applications. Here are a few examples:

  1. Creating traps: The Square Lashing can be used to create deadfalls, snares, and other types of traps to catch small game for food.

  2. Building rafts: By lashing together logs or other buoyant materials with the Square Lashing knot, you can create a sturdy raft for crossing bodies of water.

  3. Securing gear: The Square Lashing can be used to lash gear to a backpack or other carrying device, making it easier to transport.

  4. Creating splints: In an emergency situation where someone has a broken bone, the Square Lashing can be used to create a sturdy splint using sticks or other materials.

Overall, the Square Lashing is a versatile knot that can be adapted to suit a wide range of survival situations. By mastering this knot, you can greatly enhance your ability to build and create in the wilderness. - Wildeye Adventures.

If you enjoyed learning how to tie this knot there are more to follow – we will be sharing another next week – all the knots and diagrams are from a handy and affordable pocketbook. The Pocket Guide to Essential Knots by Peter Owen (£5.99) or stocked or ordered to your local bookshop at no additional cost.

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