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Bushcraft birthdays are a great way for families to celebrate, together with youth in the outdoors. Listening to adventurous travel stories from our instructors from previous expeditions. Young people will learn bushcraft skills, build shelters, learn how to make fires, learn about natural navigation and have the opportunity to toast marsh mellows around a fire. Don't be surprised if they start hugging the trees, we are passionate about raising awareness on the trees & conservation.

Depending on timings and requirements, we offer fun outdoor activities with young people in the woods. Bushcraft & survival skills, nature treasure hunts, arts & crafts, wood carving and fun woodland games. Having the chance to spend the day in the woods, really is the best playground.

It's important to encourage youth to love nature and give them opportunity to be creative in the outdoors. Let imaginations run wild and set the woodland warriors free. 

Wildeye Birthdays Camps are a great way to celebrate as a family and get young ones together out in nature. Birthdays are tailored and created to suit the needs of each individual group. Let us know how long you would like to spend in the woods, and we will arrange the rest.

Outdoor skills & education acts as a useful tool in opening up minds to the environment and the natural world. Practical bushcraft activities encourage creative thinking, problem solving, develop teamwork and promote a connection to the environment. Your little tribe will leave the woods feeling a sense of adventure and hopefully would have created some positive memories together in the outdoors.

Marshmallows over Campfire

Activities May Include:

  • Fire Lighting Skills

  • Nature Treasure hunt (navigation)

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Making tree spirits

  • Tree & Woodland Knowledge

  • Building Dens & Shelters 

  • Toasted Marsh mellows

  • Nature Activities 

  • Story Telling | Poetry (adventure travel & living in the wild)

  • Woodland Games

  • Carving magical woodland wands


Wish to create a fun and exciting bushcraft birthday party for children or young people? Wildeye Birthday Camps are adapted to suit the needs of each individual group.

Contact us to create a personal fun-filled woodland camp for a little tribe.

Woodland Locations

Image by Miha Rekar


Our bushcraft skill sessions share the importance of valuing wildlife & the environment.  

Our outdoor instructors are experienced expedition leaders, youth leaders, mentors and work within the outdoor education sector.

Having traveled to remote parts of the world leading expeditions and conservation projects. Sharing outdoor skills and education to young people and inspiring them to connect to the natural world. Outdoor activities encourage young people in becoming environmentally conscious adults in the future and help them to step out of the comfort zone.

Spend time with the family, community or friends and create a memorable experience in the woods by celebrating on a Wildeye Birthday Camp.

All equipment is provided for bushcraft activities.


Do you have a large outdoor space or a private woodland site where we can travel to and lead a Wildeye Birthday Camp? We are happy to travel, please enquire.


Maybe you wish to visit to our woodlands in either Brasted Chart or High Brooms in Kent? 

We are happy to help create a fun, personal bushcraft birthday woodland experience for the little tribe.  

Our instructors are flexible and can come to visit you, depending on travel requires. 


Please contact us to arrange a plan.

Our woodland sites are based in Brasted Chart in Sevenoaks & in High Brooms in Kent. 


Bring a picnic!

Wildeye bushcraft birthday are self-catered so please be sure to bring an adequate amount of food or picnic supplies for the duration of your stay. However, on overnight bushcraft camps, you have the option of cooking food over the camp fire.

There is drinking water available on site but bring a filled bottle of water with you, snacks or a picnic for longe stays.


Timings on camp depend on you. Whether you wish to spend a few hours in the woods or make a full day of it. Contact us to create your personal Wildeye Birthday Celebration.



Bushcraft birthdays can last between 3 hours to 6 hours. It really depends on how long you wish to spend in the woods. Overnight camps are also available. 

We treat each group individually, are flexible and base pricing according to group sizes, content delivered and requirements of each party. We provide equipment for all bushcraft activities. 

Birthday camp prices range between £250 - £500 for a group of up to 10+ youth (Prices are subject to change depending on group size, season and if you wish to camp overnight) Contact us to find out more.

Children must be 6+ years to attend a camp. Parents may accompany children on camp and support by becoming helpful tribe leaders.


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Our Wildeye Bushcraft Birthdays are adapted to suit the requirements of the each party.

All Wildeye Camps are self-catered. Please bring any food you wish for a picnic.

Drinking water is available on site.

You are in the woods. Please be aware that there are trip hazards, insects, poisonous or allergy causing plants or possible falling branches. Wildeye Instructors provide a safety briefing on all courses but do bring a first aid kit with you.

We have our own personal first aid kits on site and are happy to share our guidance but any first aid applied on children must be done by parents only please.

There is no toilet in the woods.  We are working on getting compost toilets built on site. Until then, be prepared to go back to the basics.


Ages ranges from between 6 - 17 years old. 

Bushcraft Birthdays can run from 3 - 6 hours long, depending on timings, special requests & requirements.

Group sizes of 20 young people maximum. 

We advise that adults be present during the bushcraft birthdays and encourage you to get involved when possible.

We supply marsh mellows to be toasted over a fire, please inform us of any food allergies children may have.

Wildeye Adventures cannot be responsible for any medications.


If you wish to bring any cake or deserts for the party at the end of the session around the fire, please do so.


Please take any rubbish you may have with you, do not leave any litter behind. 




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