Adventure lifestyle stories designed to captivate, educate and engage audiences into the secret life of trees, woodlands rainforests, nature science, jungle survival, tribal cultures, the environment, conservation, sustainable development & the natural world.

"I speak for the trees" - Lorax 

Exciting stories on living in the wild, adventure travel, voluntary work abroad, campaigning, conservation projects, jungle expeditions, bushcraft in woodlands and survival skills in tropical rainforests living with remote tribal communities.

Sharing valuable knowledge on trees & ancient woodlands, tropical rainforests, indigenous cultures, biodiversity, nature science, conservation (tree & fungi communications) globalisation and taking an insightful look into humans and their connection to the natural world. Empowering & inspiring audiences in believing that they can make a positive difference, by taking action within their local community.



An inspiring and engaging speaker with a variety of talks covering outdoor education, trees, woodlands, conservation, nature science, adventure travel, indigenous cultures, jungle survival, sustainability, voluntary work abroad, the natural world and globalisation. 



As the founder and managing director of Wildeye Adventures. Yara's inspiring presentations take audiences on a visual and thought-provoking journey. Covering talks on living in the wild, the natural world, jungle survival, tribal cultures, adventure travel, voluntary work abroad, conservation and the environment.


The presentations are adapted to suit either young people or adults and timings are flexible.

Designed to inspire a thought-provoking connection to the natural world and raise awareness on trees, woodland conservation, the natural world and outdoor education. Giving an insight into the power of trees, woodland ecology, rainforests, expeditions, bushcraft in woodlands and survival skills. 


Presentations can be followed on by some practical bush craft activities (optional at schools and community gatherings) which help encourage problem solving and develop team work. Bushcraft activities combined with presentations encourage people to engage fully in practical outdoors skills and appreciate what the natural world has to offer. 

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Whether at an event, community gathering, festival, ceremony or educational establishment. Talks are adapted to suit any audience & timings are flexible.

Yara is a Survival/bushcraft/archery instructor managing camps in the UK and abroad. 

Yara first encountered survival in the rainforests of South East Asia whilst living with tribal cultures as a teenager. By her twenties, and after spending further time living with rainforest communities, she had learned specific & vital skills on how to survive in the rainforest using only a machete. Since these jungle experiences, Yara had began a journey into the lives of self-sufficient cultures which are dependant on nature to survive.

She spent time with Shamans in the Amazon studying medicinal plants as she has a keen interest in the healing power of plants. As an environmental & human rights campaigner, she raises awareness on tribal land rights, rainforest & woodland conservation & nature therapies.  

Promoting the natural world, environment & conservation in the UK & internationally.


Yara is an ambassador for the Woodland Trust, the UK’s leading woodland conservation organisation, campaigning for ancient woodland protection, preservation, regeneration and restoration; as well as promoting tree-planting projects with schools and communities.


Yara has designed and led adventure travel trails for gap year travellers and has managed volunteers abroad on teaching & conservation projects. Yara assisted in starting up a school charity organisation in Cambodia and raised funding to build a Well to reduce plastic consumption in the community.

She helped to build an Orang-utan rehabilitation Centre in a Wildlife Reserve in Borneo.


Yara founded the Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio, a platform raising awareness on natural healing and the natural world. She is a big advocate on the physical & mental healing benefits of spending time around trees, woodlands and nature.

Yara was featured in the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine Sept 2017 issue on ‘Women in the Wild’ and is the 2018 presenter of The Bushcraft Show. She has appeared on ITV News speaking about the importance of having a positive mental attitude in Survival.


Yara’s love for the natural world inspires confidence in others in sharing their individual creative passions and to embrace new experiences. Encouraging to ‘step outside of the box’ to accomplish personal goals and to feel self-empowered.

Yara connects well with her audience, inspiring others to be self-driven; discover new abilities beyond boundaries, promoting independence, communication and teamwork skills.



Woodlands are a place of refuge. We go to nature to be healed and soothed. Examining humans and their connection to trees, woodlands and forests. Looking at the benefits of spending time around trees and nature. Exploring the science of trees and Japanese forest bathing. What benefits do trees provide for humanity and how do they fit into our daily modern lifestyles? 

Trees are ancient beings that have been around for a very long time and yet there is "new" science coming forward in the western world on the positive health benefits on spending time around trees and in nature. 

How do trees assist us and why do we need them? Inspiring how others can get involved in planting trees, why we need to plant more trees and what can be done to help stop the destruction of woodlands in the UK.


Taking audiences on a adventurous journey through the Amazon, exploring life in the rainforest & jungle survival. Hear about everyday life in the rain forest and what it takes to survive.

Covers piranha fishing, sleeping in the jungle, cooking in the wild, fire lighting, shelter building, locating water, wildlife, using plants and trees for construction, consumption and medicine.

Highlighting tribal cultures, deforestation, indigenous land rights, conservation, wildlife & environmental awareness.


Taking a look at humans and their connection to the nature. Exploring the elements of survival, tribal cultures, sharing knowledge on trees, woodlands & rainforests, tapping on globalisation, tribal land rights, the environment and humanities connection to both the modern & natural world. Raising awareness on the ecology of trees, forests, fungi networks, tree communications, nature therapies, Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing), sustainability and woodland conservation in the UK. 


Taking audiences on a journey through the rainforests of South East Asia. Working on a conservation project and helping to build an orang-utan rehabilitation centre in the rainforest during a typhoon and record breaking tropical rainfall. Discover indigenous cultures, learn about rainforest ecology and the environment. 


On voluntary work abroad and teaching English in South East Asia. Experiences on volunteering in Siem Reap alongside Buddhist monks.

Covering how to start and run a campaign, fundraising for community & environmental projects. 

Living with a different culture, visiting the Angkor Temples and experiencing life in the Cambodian jungle working on a conservation project. 


Taking audiences on a adventurous journey through the Amazon, exploring life in the rainforest & jungle survival. Hear about everyday life in the rain forest and what it takes to survive.

Covers piranha fishing, sleeping in the jungle, cooking in the wild, fire lighting, shelter building, locating water, wildlife, using plants and trees for construction, consumption and medicine.

Highlighting tribal cultures, deforestation, indigenous land rights, conservation, wildlife & environmental awareness.


A look into the world of living in the wild. Outdoor & wilderness education through the eyes of a Bushcraft & Survival instructor. Inspiring stories involving young people developing themselves in an outdoor setting, learning new skills and discovering a connection to the natural world. 

Highlighting the benefits of spending time in nature to reduce stress, anxiety, boost creativity and stimulate brain development. Gaining self-empowerment through self-sufficiency, looking into sustainable living, promoting environmental awareness and how to work with nature rather, than against it.


Forests create rain and alter weather patterns. Discover and learn all about the work of RAIN Reforest. An environmental organisation working in Brazil with local communities on projects involving sustainable development, agroforestry, permaculture and Ssntropic farming methods. Syntropic farming speeds up the regeneration and reforestation process. For example, a river that had once dried up due to deforestation, which led to drought and flooding, has now returned after 10 years using syntropic methods, it may have taken over 20 years if not applied. Discover how local communities are working together to create a more sustainable future and what can be achieved through environmental campaigning.    



The Bushcraft Show
May 2018 & 2019
Presenting The Bushcraft Show 2018. Introducing guest speakers up on stage and speaking about trees and woodland conservation in the UK.
Camp Wildfire Festival
August 2018 & 2019
Talk on stage about trees, ancient woodlands, nature science, conservation, the environment and sustainable living.
Into the Wild Festival

July 2017, 2018 & 2019

Talk to adults about Humans and Nature. Rain forests, woodlands, trees, sustainable development , nature science and humanities connection the natural world. 

Ethical Wellbeing Event

April 2017

Talk to adults about the Woodland Conservation, speaking about campaigning in the UK for ancient trees & woodlands with the Woodland Trust. Knowledge on fungi networks, forest ecology and Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing)

South Hampstead High School
2016 Nov 
Inspirational talk to teenage girls on jungle expeditions, voluntary work abroad, rainforest life, indigenous cultures and conservation. Encouraging stepping out of the comfort zones, gaining new skills, mental strength and team work.
Roedean School - Brighton

​2016 - Feb

Motivational talk to year 10 & 11 females on Travel & Environment


Ursuline Academy - Ilford

2015 - July

Volunteering and life as a survival instructor to give pupils an idea about other options available to them. Getting involved in volunteering and an active lifestyle.


International School Hague - Holland

2013 - 2015 - July

​Presentation on Adventure Travel, Conservation & Voluntary Work Abroad in Holland. Year 10 & 11


Headington School - Oxford

2014 - Nov

Audience size: 260 Aged 16-18 years old Motivation talk on Travel, Voluntary Work, Environment


Hatch End High School

2013 - July

"Making the best of yourself and ambition" Speaking to an audience of 500 to 600 youth aged 11.


""Her talk was incredibly inspiring,  and showed the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone. I spent the next two days excitedly looking up volunteering opportunities abroad."

Tilly Wax | The Speaker Captain | South Hampstead High School

"Great presentation on the jungle by Yara. She told her story of how her young London life wasn't satisfying her so she made a change. Stripped of creature comforts Yara travelled the globe and sought after adventures we only read in books or see on TV, truly life changing experiences. Students were enthralled at her story and at the end many students stayed behind to ask questions. Yara is a fantastic role model!"  

Mark Petheram  | The International School of Hague | Holland

"Yara speaks from her heart about the environment and voluntary work abroad and how we can all make a positive difference to the world we live in, her passion is infectious!" -


John Sullivan |Explorer | Elite Survival Training

"Yara has a positive aura that radiates throughout her talk. She engages strongly with the youth when sharing her own life experiences, motivating youth in believing in themselves and assisting them in visualising the bigger picture. She works well at inspiring young people to develop themselves with their own individual life experiences"


Natasha Harber | Teaching Assistant |Hedgewood School

"When Yara speaks to a group of young people they are attentive and listening as she makes what she has to say exciting, interesting and appropriate for her audience." 

Chloe Pereira de Mello (Learning Support Assistant) Paray House

 "Yara is an inspirational speaker that holds the attention and imagination of her audience"
Kelly Cure (Teacher) Bank Leaze Primary School 




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