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Founder and creative director of Wildeye Adventures Yara presents inspiring & adventurous presentations on travel, exploration and the environment. Taking audiences on a visual & thought-provoking journey through tropical rainforest around the world. Talks cover living with tribes, jungle survival, reforestation and the environment. Taking an insightful look into humans and their connection to the natural world. Inspiring audiences to step out of the comfort zone to discover new skills and to empower others in believing they can make a positive difference, by taking action within their local community.

Designed to raise awareness on trees, forests, conservation, the natural world and outdoor & environmental education. Sharing knowledge into the healing power of trees, nature science, woodland ecology and the benefits of spending time in nature. Exploring rainforests, jungle expeditions, bushcraft in woodlands and survival skills. 


Presentations are adapted to suit both youth or adults and timings are flexible.

Ranging between 30min to 1hour 30min long.


Yara shares her passionate talks at various educational establishments, festivals, events & ceremonies in the UK and abroad.

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The Power of Trees

Enter the magical world of woodlands.

Environment Pollution
Humanity & Nature

Human, sustainable living & globalisation

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Jungle Survival

Journey into the Amazon rainforest

Campaigning for

Starting an environmental campaign


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Whether at an event, community gathering, festival, ceremony or educational establishment.

Talks are adapted to suit any

audience & timings are flexible.

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Tree Planting & Reforestation

How to create a tree sapling nursery

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Supporting the

Tribal land rights & forest conservation

Agroforestry image 1_edited.jpg
What is

Syntropic farming & sustainable agriculture

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Building an Orang-utan rehabilitation centre



Public speaker, environmental campaigner & presenter. An inspiring and engaging speaker with a variety of talks covering outdoor education, trees, woodlands, agroforestry, reforestation, conservation, nature science, campaigning, indigenous cultures, jungle survival, sustainability and globalisation. 

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Wildeye Adventures raises awareness on indigenous cultures, conservation, forest regeneration and sustainable development. Yara is an environmental campaigner and an ambassador and speaker for tree conservation & forest regeneration. She was previously employed by the Woodland Trust - UK’s leading woodland conservation organisation, helping to raise awareness on trees and woodland conservation. 

Wildeye Adventures is a current representative for RAIN (Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network) Supporting the creation of tree planting initiatives and tree sapling nurseries within schools & communities in the UK & Brazil and helping indigenous cultures reforest degraded lands.

Yara is dedicated in supporting indigenous cultures around the world living in rainforests, helping them to fight for tribal lands rights, conserve rainforests and educate on indigenous wisdom of the natural world.


Yara has been involved in and has managed a number of environmental conservation projects around the world. She assisted in fundraising to set up a school charity organisation in Cambodia and raised funds to build a Well to supply fresh drinking water to help reduce plastic consumption in a community outside of Siem Reap. In Borneo, she volunteered to build an Orang-utan rehabilitation Centre in a Wildlife Reserve and has supported in leading different jungle expeditions, excursions & conservation projects. 


Yara is the founder and previous presenter of the Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio. A platform raising awareness on natural healing and therapies. In 2020 Yara set up the Environment and Conservation Show on UK Health Radio to help raise awareness on climate action, sustainable development and environmental awareness. 

As on outdoor instructor, Yara was featured in the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine Sept 2017 issue on ‘Women in the Wild’ and was the on-stage presenter in 2018 & 2019 of The Bushcraft Show. Presenting guest speakers Etc Stafford and John Lofty Wiseman. Yara has also appeared on ITV News speaking about the importance of survival psychology. 


Yara is a natural born forest leader & educator that encourages stepping out of the comfort zone to feel self-empowered. She connects strongly with her audience; inspiring others to discover new experiences and abilities beyond boundaries of the norm. Her talks leave audiences feeling inspired to spend more time in the natural world and to actively engage in environmental & climate action.  

""Her talk was incredibly inspiring and showed the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone. I spent the next two days excitedly looking up volunteering opportunities abroad."

Tilly Wax (Speaker Captain) | South Hampstead High School

"When Yara speaks to a group of young people they are attentive and listening as she makes what she has to say exciting, interesting and appropriate for her audience." 

Chloe Pereira de Mello (Learning Support Assistant) Paray House

"Yara speaks from her heart about the environment and voluntary work abroad and how we can all make a positive difference to the world we live in, her passion is infectious!" -


John Sullivan |Explorer | Elite Survival Training

"Great presentation on the jungle by Yara. She told her story of how her young London life wasn't satisfying her so she made a change. Stripped of creature comforts Yara travelled the globe and sought after adventures we only read in books or see on TV, truly life changing experiences. Students were enthralled at her story and at the end many students stayed behind to ask questions. Yara is a fantastic role model!"  

Mark Petheram  | The International School of Hague | Holland

"Yara has a positive aura that radiates throughout her talk. She engages strongly with the youth when sharing her own life experiences, motivating youth in believing in themselves and assisting them in visualising the bigger picture. She works well at inspiring young people to develop themselves with their own individual life experiences"


Natasha Harber | Teaching Assistant |Hedgewood School

 "Yara is an inspirational speaker that holds the attention and imagination of her audience"
Kelly Cure (Teacher) Bank Leaze Primary School