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Wildeye instructors are all highly skilled, experienced, knowledgable outdoor & environmental educators that work within the outdoor industry. We are extremely passionate about the natural world and it's preservation. Believing that in order to create more care towards the environment, it starts with your personal relationship towards nature. Many of us in these modern times are growing up in urban environments, it's vital to reconnect to the outdoors through personal life experiences to create a balance between the modern and natural world. Survival skills and bushcraft teach self-reliance, helping you to travel further and with less stuff. Creating the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in nature.


Yara Ghrewati is the founder & creative director of Wildeye Adventures. Connect with Yara via Wildeye Adventures social media platforms or visit the Contact page.

Wildeye creates outdoor adventure & woodland courses / camps. Offering different bushcraft courses\workshops in private woodlands around London, Buckinghamshire & Kent for both young people & adults.


We also work at various festivals, events, retreats, gatherings and offer a range of outdoor activities and creative workshops. We communicate closely with each individual client to ensure they get the outdoor experience they are seeking. 

Adult only overnight camps share bushcraft & survival skills forest bathing sound healing or drumming, creating a memorable and positive experience in ancient woodlands. For more family orientated bushcraft courses and camps, check out Camp WildeyeBirthdays.

Raising awareness on ancient trees, woodland ecology, forest conservation, reforestation & the positive benefits of spending time around trees & woods for mental health and wellbeing. 


Wildeye is connected to range of companies promoting outdoor education & nature connection, along with environmental organisations focusing on indigenous cultures & conservation. Check out the 'Networks' page to view some of Wildeye's connections. 

Thanks for taking the time to connect with Wildeye Adventures.

Nature has much to teach us. Stay human. Go to nature.

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Outdoor Instructor


Forest School Leader & Outdoor Instructor with a massive love for woodlands. Kristine works with a charity working with young people in woodlands for mental health & wellbeing. Loves hiking, traveling & being outside.


Bushcraft Instructor


Mountain leader & bushcraft instructor. Trekking guide in the UK with schools & charities on youth development, via the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, wildcraft/team building camps & expeditions. He is passionate about the natural world,  its preservation & sharing his knowledge with others.

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Bushcraft Instructor


Annie is a Bushcraft  Instructor & environmental educator, with over 15 years of experience with young

people & adults. Her passions include foraging for edible & medicinal plants, natural crafting, scuba diving, hiking and bouldering.

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Founder of Wildeye Adventures


Bushcraft Instructor. Archery Instructor. Environmental Educator. Forest Bathing Practitioner. Operating in UK woodlands. First Aid certified. DBS checked. Mental Health in the Outdoors certified. Working in the outdoor industry for over 15 years with schools, expedition companies, grassroots, youth / mentoring groups & bushcraft companies in the UK & abroad. Public speaker, campaigner & Presenter for media.


I cannot begin to explain the weekend I have just had with Wildeye Adventures. After seeing their advertisement on Facebook for a Wild Women's weekend, I took the leap and booked to go by myself, I am in my early 20s and was a little scared I'm not going to lie, Yara and Kristine were incredible. They were so welcoming and I felt like I was at home in the woods with them. They were really helpful with how they explained things and made sure everyone felt very supported. The drumming session with Mel just made me cry, I obviously had a lot to release and this weekend was the PERFECT way to do it. From learning how to build my own shelter, start y own fire, cook my own food and just be at peace with myself I couldn't recommend them any higher. Take the leap and just go, you may find that part of you, you were always searching for. I know I did. - Meg  Abernethy - Hope | Women in the Woods

"Yara and Wildeye Adventures (in partnership with Woodland Trust) ran a fantastic tree planting event on my land near Sevenoaks in Kent. They organised 170 volunteers to come and plant 500 trees. The day was perfect in terms of organisation and logistics with a lovely community spirit.It was AMAZING!

If you have some land and would like to support the planting of more woodland, I can’t recommend Wildeye Adventures highly enough."

- Will Bax (landowner) | Tree Planting Event

"Superbly planned event. We had comprehensive details sent to us in advance, so we knew just what to do when we arrived.
We had such a warm welcome, and it was a brilliant event"

- Dianne Kennaird

I have attended two events so far with Yara at Wildeye Adventures. Yara is a fantastic communicator and her passion, enthusiasm, knowledge, skills and kindness come across very strongly. She is a powerful advocate for nature and is extremely talented at imparting her knowledge so that you go away feeling confident in new skills learnt and/or in refining skills you already had. I would recommend her for workshops with all ages and ranges of experience and I’ll be keeping a close eye out for her future events. She is capable of organising the logistics around large scale events as well as smaller gatherings. Thank you Yara for doing what you do - Rebecca Collins

I first met Yara at Camp Wildfire back in 2017 when she was working with the Woodland Trust - thanks to her we planted 10 acres of new woodland. We met a couple more times at Camp Wildfire again, where I joined in with her bushcraft workshops which I LOVED!Earlier this year I saw through her social media that she was delivering some Forest bathing sessions in Buckinghamsire. As part of my schools Adult Mental Health and Environemnt Teams, I thought this could be perfect for some of our staff to get out into the woodlands for an hour and try something new.We met at Langley Park and spent about 1.5 hours outside. Yara was fantastic! We were encouraged to explore our surroundings and pay close attention to our senses, feeling, smelling, hearing, seeing and even tasting! (Did you know pine leaves taste like citrus and are full of goodness?)As it got darker, our senses became even more switched on as we had to follow the sound of Yara's flute back to our meeting spot where we learned about the science behind how trees communicate with each other, how the bacteria in the outdoors supports a healthy microbiome and the neurobiology behind how trees and woodlands can help our bodies immune systems. Yara is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about her work which really captured the imaginations of our group.We managed to stumble our way back to the cars (without torches) feeling relaxed, calm and refreshed!My colleagues all messaged me the next morning telling me what a fantastic time they had, and how relaxed they still felt. One is excited to try out the hammocks on our next outing!10/10 we are already planning our next one! - Ben Wingrove | Forest Bathing

We met Yara at a festival, during a fire making workshop, it was fun, our kid is still talking about it. 'Dad, remember when we were making dens and you made a fire in the woods.' Sadly I missed her tree talk, I really hope to have another opportunity to listen to it in future! Thanks Yara for your engagement to help people reconnect with nature - vital to human nature. - D. L.

"I really loved the session we had while out at Camp Wildfire building our own forest huts and a cheeky bit of blackberry picking from me! Yara gives a lot of interesting info AND is just a nice person all around." - Max Sinclair (Founder of Eco Companion)

"Yara is the most passionate survival and bushcraft woman I have ever met. She is really knowledgeable and shares her skills clearly with others. We had a wild time with her making fires in all kinds of way and at the end this huge group of women could just work together and build a fire for us all without saying a word. Yara is great fun and very safe and works with nature rather than 'doing' to it." - Melonie Syrett


Wildeye Adventures shares outdoor education in the aims to promote a connection to the natural world and self-sufficiency.

Please be aware that you are responsible for your own health and safety whilst on camp. The woodlands we worked in are wild-like, full of un-even grounds, falling branches and other risks to be aware of. 

Please ensure that you bring any required medications needed with you and take personal responsibility for them. We cannot carry or look after any medications on your behalf. 

Please be aware that we encourage having a strong sense of awareness towards the environment whilst on camp, bring rubbish bags to take away any rubbish you may have off site.

Do not leave any litter or trash in the woods.

Please do not burn plastic on any fires as this can create toxic chemicals which may be harmful to health and the environment.

Please do not burn any cans or glass bottles on fires. If not burned out properly they can leave behind sharp objects which may harm wildlife.

Please take time to organise yourself before arrival, arrive well dressed and prepared for an experience in the woods. Be prepared to adapt to British weather conditions. Survival skills require resilience, energy consumption and flexibility. 

Wildeye Adventures supplies hot water & herbal teas. You are required to bring a mug or outdoor flask.

Safety around fire is paramount, please listen carefully to all instructions and keep away any loose clothing or flammable items away from fires. Do not throw any lighters or flammable items on any fires.

For overnight camps please bring a small first aid kit with you, self-treat & self-care if and when needed. Woodlands are a wild and natural environment.

Be aware that there may be trip hazards from tree roots, uneven ground, or slippery muddy grounds after rainfall. Observation skills are needed.

Watch out for poisonous or stinging plants such as Foxglove, Nettles or Bramble. 

Do not pick or eat any plants or fungi in the woods as this may lead to poisoning. Follow all instructions whilst on camp for your own safety and wellbeing of others.

Wildeye Adventures instructors are not responsible for any injuries, illnesses or sudden death (hopefully not) that may occur whilst on camp.

We will happily share any first aid advice if required and offer support but your personal health and safety is in your own hands. In the event of an unlikely emergency, emergency services should be called and 999 dialled. 


Thank you for your understanding. Stay wild. 

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