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Wildeye Adventures was founded to inspire others to connect to the outdoors and to appreciate the love of nature.
Sharing outdoor & environmental education, outdoor skills & adventure.
Raising awareness on trees, woodland conservation, nature science, rainforests and the natural world.
Supporting campaigns and initiatives dedicated in promoting tree planting projects, forest conservation, agroforestry, permaculture, eco living and sustainable development. Helping to protect the last wild spaces and ecosystems that still remain.
Wildeye Adventures directs various creative outdoor & environmental courses, activities and workshops. Specialising in bushcraft, survival, archery, outdoor education, environmental education, tree planting and creative media production.
Managing camps in a 110 acre ancient deciduous woodland in High Brooms and a 55 acre ancient woodland in Brasted Chart, Sevenoaks, both woods are located in Kent. 



A team of highly skilled individuals with life experiences leading expeditions and teaching outdoor skills in remote locations around the world. From woodlands to deserts, mountains, tropical rainforests and remote islands.

We work within the outdoor industry and are extremely passionate about the environment, sustainability and eco-living.

Believing that in order to create more care and respect towards the environment, it's vital to connect to the outdoors through personal life experiences. 

We inspire a strong interaction towards the environment, raise awareness on conservation and believe it's important to keep a close relationship to the natural world.


Yara Ghrewati is the founder & creative director of Wildeye Adventures.

Connect with Yara via the Wildeye Adventures social media platforms or you can email via the Contact Us page.

Offering different bushcraft courses\workshops in private ancient woodlands in Kent for both young people and adults. Working at various festivals, events, retreats and gatherings and offering a range of outdoor & environmental activities adapted to suit the requirements of each individual party or group. We communicate closely with all our individual clients to ensure they get the wild outdoor experience they are seeking. 

Our overnight camps teach bushcraft & survival skills with the opportunity to practice archery creating a memorable and positive experience in the woods.

Wildeye Adventures is a platform sharing skills and raising awareness on outdoor education. We showcase a range of specialist companies and organisations that offer outdoor & environmental education via the 'Connections' page. 

Wildeye Adventures shares information on outdoor adventures, eco-friendly initiatives, sustainable living, voluntary work, rainforest & woodland conservation and exciting expeditions to rainforest environments.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with Wildeye Adventures.

Nature has much to teach us. Stay wild.


If you own woodland and wish to collaborate with Wildeye Adventures in the aims of promoting outdoor & environmental initiatives and education.


Please contact us, we are looking for land owners to connect with.


If you are a land owner and wish to collaborate with Wildeye Adventures in the aims of creating tree planting initiatives.


Please contact us, we are looking to connect with land owners to set up various environmental projects with schools & communities in collaboration with RAIN (Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network).


Wildeye Survival Camps offers half, full day or overnight adult only camps in woodlands. Teaching the essentials of survival and preparing you for an independent night camped out in the woods in solitude.

Building confidence and setting you up for a night in the woods with either family, friends or work mates. 

Be prepared for an independent and personal experience out in the woods with practical sessions in survival.


Wildeye Bushcraft Birthdays parties are offered for children & young people.

Enjoyed in outdoors spaces around the London area and in our woodland in Kent. Children will learn bushcraft activities, make dens, navigate, take part in treasure hunts, learn about trees & plants, create nature art and have fun playing in the woods with their tribe. 

Take a look at the Wildeye Bushcraft Birthdays section for further details.


Wildeye Adventures is developing tree planting projects with an organisation called RAIN (Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network.) Working with schools in Brazil and in the UK. 

If you are a teacher or school and wish to get involved in our environmental tree planting projects please contact us for more information.


This course is run by female instructors only and brings forth an element of sound healing using drums, combined with outdoor skills.

Practise fire making skills, crafts and take part in a drum circle around a camp fire. The workshops encourages creative self-expression and empowerment. 

Find out more if you would like to create a gathering catered for women in woodlands for either hen dos, events & community or social groups.


Learning survival skills makes a great day out for corporate team building events or team building days. Outdoor skills with an element of competitiveness that encourages team work, leadership, problem solving and communication.

Clients work independently, as well as in teams to achieve better results, assisting in creating a sense of community and strengthening relationships within the group. 


Combining bushcraft skills alongside sound healing sessions surrounded by ancient woodlands. Promoting mindfulness, meditation, forest bathing or sound healing using high frequency gongs. Instruments which are designed to shift brain frequencies into a more calmer and peaceful state of mind.

Depending on the availability of our instructors, we organise camps though out the year however, you can get in touch to arrange your own. We adapt camps to suit the needs of each individual, group or event.



This bushcraft course is especially designed to cater families and youth groups.

Courses are flexible, subject to change depending on group dynamics and offered at either full days or overnight camps in woodlands in Kent.

You will be trained on how to survive a night in the woods and can spend good quality time with your loved ones out in nature. You can have the opportunity for solitude time in the woods on our overnight courses. Or we can jam around the fire together until the night time, however you wish.


Do you have an outdoor area or woodland space where we can visit to teach bushcraft skills to young people at your school?


Wildeye Adventures encourages young people to play an active role in making a difference. 


Helping educate & motivate on the importance of having a responsibility towards the environment & natural world. Encouraging youth to make a positive difference within their local community & environment.


Check out the Public Speaking page for more detailed descriptions on the different presentations which are available.


Featuring talks on adventure travel, voluntary work abroad, jungle survival, living with tribes, rainforests, trees, nature science, woodland conservation, deforestation, globalisation, sustainability & indigenous cultures.


Wildeye Adventures works at various outdoor Events & Festivals in the UK & abroad teaching survival and bushcraft activities. 

Didgeridoo Workshops & Belly Dancing Workshops are also available.

Recent festivals include Camp Wildfire, Into the Wild, Wilderness Gathering and The Bushcraft Show. Please enquire via the Festivals page. 


Founder of Wildeye Adventures Yara Ghrewati has appeared on ITV news talking about the importance of survival psychology and has worked presenting bushcraft for different media production companies. Combining outdoor skills with creative media and collaborating with different projects within radio and video production, presenting outdoor education, bushcraft and survival. Working alongside film crews which aim to gain more input and knowledge on wilderness skills. Check out the Media page for further information.


Indigenous cultures without a doubt carry valuable knowledge on the environment, conservation, biodiversity, natural healing and sustainable living. Wildeye Adventures is currently helping to develop tree planting projects with indigenous cultures in Brazil alongside RAIN.

Check out and support the work of Survival International.

Explore the Amazon Conservation Team 


Wildeye Adventures is hired by the Woodland Trust in the summer months to run bushcraft in woodlands. Wildeye Adventures massively supports the conservation work of the Woodland Trust and is a big ambassador to their missions. 


The Woodland Trust is the UK's leading woodland conservation charity and their aim to give ancient woodlands in the UK stronger legal protective rights. They manage over 1300 woodlands in the UK, create woodland restoration projects and massively promote tree planting initiatives. More trees means a better life.


Get to know the Wildeye Adventures blog for further information on what we've been up to and to discover writing on adventure travel, conservationoutdoor education.


Explore the Wildeye Adventures gallery to view photography on travel, nature & the outdoor life. 


Wildeye Adventures operates in two different woodland locations based in Kent. Both are privately & family owned.


One is a 25 acre ancient woodland in Brasted Chart in Sevenoaks. And the other is a 112 acre woodland in High Brooms.

Founder & Creative Director

Founder of Wildeye Adventures Yara Ghrewati is an outdoor instructor specialising in bushcraft & archery. 

Having worked in the outdoor industry for over ten years with various expeditions companies & outdoor companies. Yara’s life experiences have connected her to a numerous amount of skilled individuals working within in the industry. 

Wildeye Adventures was founded in 2016 as a platform to help to connect people & communities to local nature and environment. Teaching survival skills and sharing outdoor & environmental education helping to empower people and communities, whilst encouraging working together with nature, and not against it.

Living with tribal cultures in the jungle at the age of 19, changed Yara's life path and she began a journey; learning about the skills of self-sufficient cultures that depend on natural environments to survive. Today, Yara teaches survival skills to both young people & adults in the UK & internationally. She was featured in the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine Sept 2017 issue on ‘Women in the Wild’ and has presented The Bushcraft Show 2018 & 2019, introducing guest speakers Ed Stafford and John Lofty Wiseman. 

As a representative of the Woodland Trust (UK’s leading woodland conservation organisation) & RAIN (Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network) Wildeye Adventures supports tree & forest protection, preservation, regeneration, restoration and creates tree-planting projects with schools and communities.​

Yara founded and presented the Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio. A platform raising awareness on natural health and the physical & mental health benefits of spending time around trees, woodlands and nature. Her love for trees and the natural world encourages others to embrace new experiences and to ‘step outside of the comfort zone’ to accomplish goals; become more self-reliant and feel self-empowered.

As a Public Speaker she shares her adventures of the wild to audiences at different events, festivals & educational establishments and has appeared on ITV News speaking about the importance of having a positive mental attitude in survival psychology. Connect with Yara on Wildeye Adventures social media platforms or via the contact page.

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I have attended two events so far with Yara at Wildeye Adventures. Yara is a fantastic communicator and her passion, enthusiasm, knowledge, skills and kindness come across very strongly. She is a powerful advocate for nature and is extremely talented at imparting her knowledge so that you go away feeling confident in new skills learnt and/or in refining skills you already had. I would recommend her for workshops with all ages and ranges of experience and I’ll be keeping a close eye out for her future events. She is capable of organising the logistics around large scale events as well as smaller gatherings. Thank you Yara for doing what you do

Yara and Wildeye Adventures (in partnership with Woodland Trust) ran a fantastic tree planting event on my land near Sevenoaks in Kent. They organised 170 volunteers to come and plant 500 trees. The day was perfect in terms of organisation and logistics with a lovely community spirit.


If you have some land and would like to support the planting of more woodland, I can’t recommend Wildeye Adventures highly enough.

I really loved the session we had while out at Camp Wildfire building our own forest huts and a cheeky bit of blackberry picking from me! Yara gives a lot of interesting info AND is just a nice person all around!

Max Sinclair - Founder of Eco Companion

Superbly planned event. We had comprehensive details sent to us in advance, so we knew just what to do when we arrived.
We had such a warm welcome, and it was a brilliant event

Superbly planned event. We had comprehensive details sent to us in advance, so we knew just what to do when we arrived.
We had such a warm welcome, and it was a brilliant event


Wildeye Adventures supports and is connected with the following platforms:

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