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If you are interested in being interviewed for the show. Connect to share your work.


Founder of Wildeye Adventures Yara created and previously presented the Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio. A show exploring the world of natural therapies and health, now currently presented by Catherine Carrigan.


As a presenter and public speaker, Yara has interviewed a variety of people from different walks of life. Entrepreneurs, scientists, authors, outdoor educators, therapists, doctors, farmers, indigenous people and environmental activists from around the world. 

In 2020 Yara set up the "Environment & Conservation Show" on UK Health Radio alongside environmental journalist Yasmin Dahnoun, founder of Earth Witness News. Together they interview guests creating environmental projects, nature connection, conservation efforts and sustainable development.


Indigenous people living in natural environments are perceived as the guardians of the worlds last remaining natural ecosystems. They carry immense knowledge, adopting valuable education on conservation, plant medicine, sustainability & biodiversity. Ancient knowledge passed down through word of mouth to younger generations by their ancestors. The show provides a platform to explore indigenous education and activism. Exploring humanity's connection to the natural world. Visit UK Health Radio website to find out more.

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Yara Ghrewati & Yasmin Dahnoun present the Environment & Conservation Show.


A show dedicated to humanities connection to the natural world. Sharing environmental awareness, conservation, nature science, eco-friendly initiatives, campaigns, sustainable goals and climate action.


Interviewing a variety of educators, entrepreneurs, ecologists, conservationists, farmers, activists, ambassadors and professionals impacting communities via environmental causes, climate action and sustainable development.


A community platform giving a voice to indigenous people, environmental activists, campaigners, resilient communities and grassroots organisations creating positive change from the ground up. Raising awareness on nature connection, conservation, restoration and the regeneration of natural habitats & ecosystems.


If you are interested in raising awareness or being interviewed on the Environment & Conservation Show. Please connect with Yara via Wildeye Adventures or Yasmin via Earth Witness News.  

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Yara Ghrewati

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Founder of the Environment & Conservation Show on UK Health Radio. Yara is a survival instructor, forest bathing practitioner, public speaker & environmental campaigner. She first discovered survival skills whilst in tropical rainforests with remote tribal cultures and has dedicated her life’s work to raising awareness on ancient trees, forest conservation, reforestation, indigenous peoples, agroforestry & sustainability.

Having worked in the outdoor & environmental industry for over a decade. Yara continues to represent organisations that create sustainable projects encouraging community resilience, reforestation, restoration and the regeneration of natural ecosystems.


voices of the people.jpeg

Voices of the People

Environment & Conservation Show

Voices of the People presents "Nature Connection" Peoples from different walks of life speaking about their love for nature

Image by John-Mark Strange

Benefits of Shinrin-Yoku

Environment & Conservation Show

What is Shinrin-Yoku aka forest bathing and the benefits of spending time around trees & woodlands for mental health and wellbeing.

Plants of the Gods.jpeg

Plants of the Gods

Environment & Conservation Show

Interview with Dr Mark Plotkin. Focusing on plant medicine, the Amazon rainforest and indigenous cultures using hallucinogens for medicinal purposes

Image by Teemu Paananen

Plant Intelligence

Environment & Conservation Show

Interview with Tigrilla Gardenia, with expertise in plant intelligence to facilitate the development of nature inspired business

Pete the Pond.jpg

Pete the Pond's Garden campaign

Environment & Conservation Show

Welcome to Pete the Pond’s garden, a habitat for wildlife and biodiversity. Listen to Pete’s story as he takes on the council to save his life’s work from being destroyed

Tom Gold.jpeg

Mentoring in the Outdoors

Environment & Conservation Show

Interview with Outdoor Specialist and Life Coach, Tom Gold, on the benefits of mentoring in the outdoors and the positive effects it has on the mind

Image by Vlad Hilitanu

Introducting Joao Da Silva

Environment & Conservation Show

Introducing Joao Da Silva, who speaks about his life growing up in the Amazon rainforest with a tribe, adopting jungle survival & knowledge of medicinal plants

John Sullivan Profile Shot.jpg

Jungle Explorations, Survival Skills & Tribal Cultures

Environment & Conservation Show

Interview with Survival Specialist, Explorer & Ex- Royal Marine John Sullivan from Elite Survival Training.

CESHE School.jpg

Volunteering in Cambodia

Environment & Conservation Show

Speaking with volunteers sharing their experiences on teaching English in a school in Cambodia.

Addicted to Oil.jpeg

Addicted to Oil

Environment & Conservation Show

Might as well face it we're addicted to oil. We drill, frack & mine in indigenous sacred lands. We destroy ancient habitats and ecosystems, all in the name of modern living. Earth is our mother.

Richard Image2.jpg

Richard Schiffman

Environment & Conservation Show

An interview with environmental journalist, poet & author Richard Schiffman. Speaking about his personal connection to the natural world

Estaban Image.jpg

Interview with an Amazonian Shaman

Environment & Conservation Show

Interview with an Amazonian Shaman named Estaban, deep in the jungles of Peru. Speaking about indigenous knowledge, jungle survival, Ayahuasca and plant medicine

Image by George Bakos

Tree Planting

Environment & Conservation Show

Tree planting! Tree planting season is now. Listen to members of the community take part in a tree planting event and how it felt helping to reforest and regenerate farmland


Benefits of bushcraft & survival skills

Environment & Conservation Show

How does bushcraft, survival skills and outdoor education develop young people! Interviewing outdoor educators, youth, school teachers and therapists on the benefits