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DATE: 3rd & 4th August 2024

LOCATION: Private Woods, Sevenoaks, Kent

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For adults only 18+. Guaranteed to bring out your wild side. This is no "Glamping" experience or walk in the park. Our courses/camps teach bushcraft & wilderness skills, encourage resilience & provide the opportunity to camp independently in the woods - to test personal abilities whatever the weather. Most public overnight courses take place in wild-like private bluebell woodland in Sevenoaks, Kent. However, we also run private courses in sites based in Croydon & Buckinghamshire if you wish to organise a bushcraft woodland experience for a specific adult group.

Discover what nature can provide to survive. You will receive clear instructions & practical demonstrations of all bushcraft skills, followed by the opportunity to practise for yourself. After a day adopting wilderness skills & bushcraft knowledge. You'll be prepped to be responsible for your own well being overnight in the woods. In Autumn time in the woods, the forest gifts us with Sweet Chestnuts, berries, nuts & edible mushrooms. Winter courses test mental strength & resilience, although this is England so you are continuously adapting to the elements seasonally. Remember that survival skills have the ability to empower you, teach self-reliance & personal responsibility. Wild skills take time & practise to master; and it's never-ending learning curve with abundant knowledge to acquire. The mind can be your own worst enemy at times. 90% of survival is psychological.  


Discover different ways to create shelter and light a fire. Learn more about woodland ecology, discover useful trees, plants & fungi and how to apply leave no trace. Bushcraft can support you in traveling further, off the beaten track and with less stuff. You will have the opportunity to explore the woods, find your own patch and set up your personal camp.

The level of difficulty is yours to choose, don't expect a military style scenario. Constructing natural shelters gives a more rewarding experience though it requires manual labour and consumes energy. However, don't underestimate personal capabilities as humans are amazingly adaptable creatures.

Wildeye instructors will support you during the experience, share knowledge & offer guidance. However, at sunset you'll be left alone to camp independently in the woods. Staff will remain in the woods - just a short walk away - but be out of sight until the next morning. The sound of a flute will summon you to breakfast. Further training, pack down & leave no trace before departure.

Leave our courses feeling inspired to learn more. Having adopted valuable knowledge & skills that give you the ability to be a responsible camper and confident explorer.


Wilderness Skills

Instructors are based in the woods throughout the entire experience. Ask as many questions, or call for assistance when required. We all love sharing knowledge of the wild & offering support. If you would like to challenge yourselves throughout the experience, you're encouraged to create natural shelters. This gives a more for-filling experience having created a shelter using what nature provides. If you wish to work less on shelters, use the provided tarps & hammocks are also available.

British weather can be unpredictable & unexpected rainfall may result in testing resilience. However, survival skills when applied efficiently can create positive outcomes. We believe that

The evening is your free time. Relax by your fire light (Nature's TV). Explore woods or venture to nearby fields for moon & star gazing. Further training commences after breakfast the next morning.

Please bring enough food for the duration of your stay, you might get peckish whilst shelter building, bring back-up snacks & fruit. Breakfast is provided for & the sound of the flute will summon you to breakfast.


Drinking water is available on camp, please bring a refillable water bottle along. Hot water is provided for teas & coffee.

This experience gives individuals the opportunity to spend time in the woods either solo, with a partner or friends/family left in solitude overnight. 

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  • Shelter Building (using Army Tarps)

  • Or Natural Shelter Building

  • Fire lighting skills

  • How to light & sustain fire

  • Foraging for tinder, kindling & fuel 

  • Camp Fire Cooking

  • How to use a bushcraft knife (Techniques on how to chop, carve & shave)

  • Water filtration & purification

  • Creating pegs for natural shelters

  • Useful bushcraft knots

  • Useful tree/plants/fungi (used in bushcraft)

  • Woodland safety & awareness

  • Importance of "Leave no trace"

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Public Overnight Survival Camp (Public event)
10:00am - 12:00pm (26hr)

£125 per adult (including breakfast)
(Bring a friend £120 each) 

Maximum 15 adults on camp

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We create tailored courses / camps in woodland sites based around London, Kent & Buckinghamshire & adapt courses to suit individual groups needs. Whether it's for a birthday celebration, stag, hen, community or social group - or you just wish to get away from the city. We can support you in creating a memorable wild woodland experience.

If you wish to organise a personal overnight course with a specific group. Prices start at £580 for a group of 4 people in the Sevenoaks woods for an overnight bushcraft camp.

For an in-depth one to one private course. 

Check out Alone in the Woods page.


We work in different sites based around London, Buckinghamshire & Sevenoaks in Kent. Book a half day, full day or overnight course. 

Price for 2 x Adults | Private Day Course

£165 - Half Day (3 to 4 hrs)

£195 - Full Day (4 to 5 hrs)

£250 - Overnight Camp based in Croydon woods

Please enquire for overnight courses/camps. We can offer discounted rates for larger groups organising a private course.

Include Archery at specific sites only for an extra cost (Croydon & Buckinghamshire) 

We cater courses & camps to suit individual groups needs. Questions or enquiries? Please visit the contact us page or connect via Wildeye Adventures Facebook & Instagram



Where are the woodlands based?

We work in different location around London, Buckinghamshire & Kent. Overnight courses take place in Croydon, Sevenoaks & Buckinghamshire. Please enquire.

Are there any toilets?

There are no toilets in the Sevenoaks site, so please be prepared in going back to the primitive. Bring toilet tissue & hand sanitiser and think like a wild cat. You'll be advised during woodland awareness. There are toilets based in Buckinghamshire, Croydon site.

What kit shall I bring?

Essential kit is a 3 season sleeping bag, roll/foam matt & a torch. These items are not supplied by Wildeye Adventures. You will be sent a kit list via email before attending camp. Or take a look at our "Kit List" page on the blog.

Don't believe that you need to buy lots of expensive outdoor equipment for this experience. 

What clothes do I wear?

Please wear suitable outdoor clothing, take warm clothing, good socks, a good pair of outdoor shoes / boots.

Bring a waterproof jacket. Waterproof trousers are optional. Bring thermals for the winter months.

Will I be comfortable sleeping on the forest floor?

You are required to bring foam/roll matt to keep you off the floor. You will be given training on how to make a shelter warmer & more comfortable. Tarps are provided to each individual. Hammocks are also available.

What if it's really cold?

That's when a fire comes in handy. If you are someone who doesn't deal too well in cold weather. Please be sure to bring with you extra warm clothing, thick socks, warm trousers and a jumper. Thermal clothing is useful. You can also bring hot water bottle along, we can provide hot water. Be sure to forage enough fire wood before nightfall. If you are camping overnight on colder months of the year, be prepared for resilience and endurance. 

Is there any water?

Please bring a re-fillable bottle with you. There is water on site if you need to refill. There will be hot water available and on the go for herbal teas, instant coffee & regular tea - which are provided

Can I cook my own food over a fire?

All camps are self-catered on the first day. You are required to bring along a packed lunch, snacks and an evening meal to cook over a fire for dinner. Breakfast is provided the next morning.

What if it's raining?

British weather can be unpredictable and we can get all the seasons in one day. It's advisable to bring waterproof clothing if you suspect the weather will be wet. If it isn't raining, than it isn't training! Yes you will get wet if it's raining, but then you adapt, and find ways to make the best out of the situation, that's what survival is. However, in cases of severe heavy rainfall and high winds, camps may be subject to rescheduling or cancellation for safety reasons. Re-scheduling, gift vouchers or refunds can be provided if this is the case.

Questions we haven't answered?

We are happy to answer any questions if you have any. Please contact us.

You are always welcome to get in touch if you wish to organise your own personal woodland experience for family or friends.

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