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  • Support wildlife

  • Produce oxygen

  • Healthy soils

  • Prevent flooding

  • Reduce harmful CO2s

  • Increased habitat

  • Regulate weather

  • Cool city air

A sustainable future on earth is going to require reforestation on a massive scale.

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Trees of Music is a community of classical music lovers and performers helping family farmers in Brazil to plant Pernambuco and regenerate the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, for the future of the strings.

Bow maker and ecologist Marco is growing the saplings and will provide technical support to the farmers growing them and reforesting their springs and streams.


Wildeye Adventure is a representative of RAIN. Raising awareness and supporting environmental projects in sustainable & regenerative agriculture, agroforestry and reforestation. To learn more about the work of RAIN please visit the website.

Regenerating ecosystems & local economies.

Agroforestry is a sustainable approach which restores ecosystems and local economies. Planting is mixed instead of the monoculture associated with conventional farming, and it generates abundant produce from the very first months, quickly sustaining the livelihoods of those living in synergy with nature.


RAIN empowers school children to transform their environments and take an active role in safeguarding their futures. School children can also be positive agents for change. Where landowners are often fairly conservative and resistant to new ways of doing things, children are usually more open to new ideas.


We have seen that children who learn about hydrology and ecosystem restoration at school are often the best teachers in their own communities, sharing what they learn with their parents and extended families. Those family members who are land-owners become much more open to implementing sustainable land management.

Forests support life and provide a wealth of benefits for humans and millions of other species. Forests also lock up carbon and drive down the temperature while regulating water cycles and fortifying communities against the effects of climate change.

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Wildeye Adventures is an ambassador and campaigner for Save the Oaks. A campaign created via Extinction Rebellion Rewilding to save 750,000 tree saplings from being burned in the UK. 


Save The Oaks Campaign was created following unprecedented response from groups and individuals who have pledged to buy and plant these oaks throughout the UK.

XRR is a rewilding wing of Extinction Rebellion, with over 10K members. Our aims are to rewild and regenerate. 

To plant trees. Create forest gardens. Rewild landscapes. Encouraging community permaculture and sharing. Reforest moors. Flourish wild inner landscapes.


Actively seeking to reach out & collaborate with individuals and environment-focussed groups who share similar aims.

You can find us on Facebook.


Wildeye Adventures creates bushcraft sessions, forest bathing sessions outdoor activities, public speaking and performing arts at outdoor events & festivals. 

On stage presenting and raising awareness on ancient trees & woods, conservation and 


If you would like to support reforestation efforts at any event. Wildeye Adventures may organise and manage a stall set up for RAIN. 



Are you a private land owner or do you know any land owners who are willing to open up their lands to possible tree planting projects?


Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about how to develop personal land space into a place for either outdoor education purposes or tree planting projects. Projects involving tree planting, outdoor educational events, environmental activities, conservation with the general public, schools and communities.



Wildeye Adventures supports RAIN with their monthly Pioneers newsletter sharing outdoor and environmental education for young people. For homeschoolers, teachers and forest workers educating on the environment and conservation.

Sign up to RAIN's Pioneers newsletter to receive free educational outdoor & environmental activities.


Wildeye Adventures speaks for the trees. Raising awareness on tree conservation, forest regeneration and 

restoration. Creator & presenter of the Environment & Conservation Show. A platform sharing environmental news, sustainable initiatives and climate action. 

Find out more via the UK Health Radio website or Podcast page.

Traveling to events, ceremonies, educational establishments & festivals.

Find out more via the Public Speaking page.

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