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Founder & Creative Director

Yara Ghrewati

Founder of Wildeye Adventures Yara Ghrewati is a Bushcraft, Survival & Archery Instructor, Presenter, Public Speaker, Writer, Environmental Campaigner and Creative Media Artist.

Yara first encountered tribal communities in Indonesia and spent time with the Mentawai tribe whilst traveling at 19. Living with rainforest communities changed Yara's life path and she began a journey; learning about the skills of self-sufficient cultures that depend on natural environments to survive.

When living with indigenous cultures in Borneo; Yara learned to survive in the rainforest using only a machete by adopting valuable skills from remote Penan and Kelabit communities.

She spent time with Shamans in the Amazon rainforest in Peru studying medicinal plants and has a strong connection to woodland and rainforest environments.

These days, Yara teaches Bushcraft & Survival skills to both young people & adults in the UK and internationally.

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As an ambassador for the Woodland Trust the UK’s leading woodland conservation organisation, Yara campaigns for ancient woodland protection, preservation, regeneration and restoration; as well as promoting tree-planting projects with schools and communities.​

Having founded the Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio, a platform raising awareness on natural health and the environment. Yara is a big advocate on the physical & mental health benefits of spending time around trees, woodlands and nature.

She was featured in the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine Sept 2017 issue on ‘Women in the Wild’ and presented The Bushcraft Show 2018, introducing guest speakers Ed Stafford and John Lofty Wiseman.

And has appeared on ITV News speaking about the importance of having a positive mental attitude in survival psychology.

Yara’s love for trees and the natural world encourages others to embrace new experiences and to ‘step outside of the comfort zone’ to accomplish goals; to become self-reliant and feel self-empowered in the outdoors.

She had led jungle expeditions & conservation projects abroad, taught survival skills in the Amazon rainforest, designed & managed gap year adventure travels and has managed camps in forest environments in the UK and internationally. Yara's life experiences have connected her to a numerous amount of skilled individuals working within in the outdoor industry.

Wildeye Adventures is a platform that connect with other platforms, in the aims of creating unique outdoor workshops and events. 

As a Public Speaker Yara shares her adventures in the wild to audiences at different events, festivals & educational establishments. 

Wildeye Adventures is passionate about connecting others to nature, raising awareness on woodlands, rainforests, conservation, eco-living, outdoor & environmental education and nature healing. 





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