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How to tie a "Slip Knot"

You know when you've forage lots of fire wood and you attempt to carry it all in your arms, walking back to camp you tend to drop and loose lots of sticks. It happens! This is where a Slipknot could come in handy. To assist you in temporarily binding all your collected wood together.

There are lots of reasons why you may need to use a Slipknot in bushcraft practise. Make life easier by learning a few knots, you never know when they will be of use.

The "Slipknot," also known as the "Running Knot," is a useful knot in survival skills because it allows you to easily adjust the tension of a rope or line. This knot is especially useful for setting up temporary shelters or securing objects to a tree or other anchor point. Its simple yet effective design makes it quick and easy to tie and untie, which can be crucial in emergency situations where time is of the essence. Additionally, the Slipknot can be used in a variety of contexts, from fishing to climbing, making it a versatile knot to have in your survival toolkit

If you enjoyed learning how to tie this knot there are more to follow – we will be sharing another next week – all the knots and diagrams are from a handy and affordable pocketbook. The Pocket Guide to Essential Knots by Peter Owen (£5.99) or stocked or ordered to your local bookshop at no additional cost.

The Pocket Guide to Essential Knots will show you how to tie 21 key knots for everyday use: for home, work, hobby and play activities, indoors and outdoors. This small handy pocket book does not pretend to be a knot encyclopaedia, nor does it contain any knot-tying jargon or technical terms. It just contains easy to follow step-by-step tying instructions and possible uses for a handful of very useful and practical knots that should cope with most situations the average person will encounter. Many people know how to tie one or two knots, not always correctly! This book is designed to give you a few more options. By helping you choose the right knot for the job and tie it correctly, this book hopefully will make life run just a little bit more smoothly.


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