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Women in Bushcraft

A community for women in bushcraft. Promoting

bushcraft and encouraging women in try out these skills. Championing women in bushcraft and giving them a platform to showcase their work.


UK Health Radio

UK Health Radio, global real feel good radio. With1 million listeners now tuning in worldwide. Wildeye Adventures founded and presents the Environment & Conservation Show on UK Health Radio.


Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network

Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network. 

Reforestation, restoration and regeneration of degraded lands in the UK and Brazil. Tree planting, restoring springs and working with indigenous cultures.


Save the Oaks

Save the oaks campaign was started to save 750,000 oak tree saplings from being burned. The saplings have been rescued and are looking for lands to be planted in. Land owners connect!

Image by Philipp Schneidenbach

Nature Connection World

Wildeye Adventures is a part of the Nature Connection Community. Raising awareness on the benefits of spending time in nature. A network for outdoor and environmental educators.


Naturally Conscious Community

Raising awareness on plant intelligence, community growth and cultivating relationships between people and plants.

Naturally Conscious Community.jpg

The Bushcraft Show

Yearly outdoor event in the UK showcasing bushcraft, survival skills and public talks. Wildeye Adventures is the on stage presenter for the show (2018 & 2019) introducing key guests speakers and raising awareness on woodlands and conservation


Camp Wildfire

Wildeye Adventures leads bushcraft sessions based in woodlands in Kent at Camp Wildfire adult only festival.


Down in the Woods

Wildeye Adventures works with Down in the Woods ltd. Leading forest school activities and bushcraft sessions in woodlands with schools and youth groups.


Outdoor Activity Directory

Wildeye Adventures is a member of the Outdoor Activity Directory


Elite Survival Training

Wildeye Adventures and Elite Survival Training have a long standing relationship first meeting back in the jungles of Borneo. Teaching survival skills in UK & internationally, from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil to the deserts of Wadi Rum in Jordon.


Wilderness Gathering

Wildeye Adventures works with Down in the Woods ltd leading bushcraft sessions for adults and children at Wilderness Gathering. Wildeye Adventures also runs belly dancing workshops for women.


Woodland Trust

Wildeye Adventures is a member of the Woodland Trust. Wildeye Adventures leads bushcraft and forest bathing sessions in collaboration with Woodland Trust at events and festivals.

Creating tree planting events with the support of Woodland Trust.


Burning Woman Festival

Wildeye Adventures is connected with founder of Burning Woman festival Olivia Beardsmore. Collaborating together on events, festivals and entrepreneurial ventures.


Survival International

Wildeye Adventures is a long standing member & supporter of Survival International - the movement for tribal peoples. Giving indigenous cultures a voice and platform for their human rights.


Amazon Conservation Team

Wildeye Adventures supports the work of the Amazon Conservation Team and co-founder & ethnobotanist Dr. Mark Plotkin. 


The Drum Woman

Wildeye Adventures collaborates with The Drum Woman on the Women in the Woods gathering. Melonie runs the drumming sessions.


Into the Wild

Wildeye Adventures manages bushcraft activities in woodlands for children and adults at Into the Wild festival. Public speaking on trees, rainforests, jungle survival, indigenous cultures & conservation.


Nature & Therapy UK

Forest Therapy. Healing through Nature. The Practise of Shinrin Yoku.


Please take notice: All listed companies and organisations are not owned or managed by Wildeye Adventures. Wildeye Adventures "networks" are selected platforms within the outdoor/environmental/grassroots sectors associated with Yara Ghrewati - founder of Wildeye Adventures.

Yara has either collaborated with, supports, has worked with or is connected with all the platforms listed. Pushing 'Find out more' will link to the relevant website you are enquiring on.

Please visit the each individual website for detailed descriptions and information.

Thank you For Visiting Wildeye Adventures

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Sustainable Initiatives, Adventure,

The environment & Nature.

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