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Save the Oaks - A radical act of love

More than 750,000 oak tree saplings that were due to be planted in the UK, suddenly faced a fate of imminent death by burning. Growers and nursery owners stated that they were forced to burn all the saplings because of delayed government tree planting schemes. However, there are positive actions still taking place, amidst global crisis.

Save The Oaks Campaign was created following unprecedented response from groups and individuals who have pledged to buy and plant these oaks throughout the UK.

This project honours those who have lost their lives to Covid 19, to the 95% of all native ash trees dying or killed by dieback, and the trees destroyed for HS2.

We plant as an act of love, we rewild.

Extinction Rebellion Rewilding (XRR)

XRR is a rewilding wing of Extinction Rebellion, with over 10K members. Their aims are to rewild and regenerate. To plant trees. Create forest gardens. Rewilded landscapes. Encourage community permaculture and sharing. Reforest moors. Flourish wild inner landscapes.

They actively seek to reach out & collaborate with individuals and environment-focussed groups who share similar aims.

Save the Oaks shares their visions. You can connect via Facebook.

Wildeye Adventures is an ambassador for the Save the Oaks campaign.

You can support the campaign by donating to the Save the Oaks JustGiving fundraiser page. Please share to friends, family and people within your network. Help to save 750,000 tree saplings in the UK.

Support by raising awareness on the campaign via the Save the Oaks website. Help connect landowners to the cause. We are searching for potential land in the UK where the trees can be planted, so they may live healthy, long prosperous lives.

Are you a landowner?

Save the Oaks campaign is looking to connect with landowners within the UK who are willing to take tree saplings to be planted on their lands.

There are many different varieties of broadleaf (disease free) species to choose from and we can help to raise the funds to get the trees to you. We may also support in available volunteers in your area to help plant them. Get in touch if you are a landowner and wish to help saves trees by being a part this campaign.

However many trees you can help us to save, the better.

Join the treesistance.


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