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Tree Planting in Sevenoaks

We need your help to plant 500 trees. In connection to the Big Climate Fightback campaign led by the Woodland Trust #EveryTreeCounts #BigClimateFightback

About this Event

Tree Planting event taking place in private lands based in Shoreham in Sevenoaks, Kent.

If you would like to come down, either yourself, with friends or family to help us plant some trees, you are more than welcome to volunteer and we would absolutely love the help. However, you will need to please bring a spade, shovel or a garden fork with you for digging.

We cannot supply any tools for the process, we only provide the trees and land to plant, therefore please make sure you bring tools to dig.

This tree planting event is in reference to the recent campaign launched called The Big Climate Fightback led by the Woodland Trust - the UK's largest woodland conservation & tree planting organisation. The event itself is not organised by the Woodland Trust and is organised by Wildeye Adventures. However, we are hopefully getting a delivery of 500 native, disease free trees from the Woodland Trust that need planting.

Please check out: and make a pledge to plant a tree. Connect family and friends to this campaign. Let’s get 1 million people in the UK to pledge to plant a tree. Be a part of the one million and make a pledge to plant a tree.

Plant a tree. Trees are life.

When we plant the trees, it would be helpful if you take any photos, share on social media and hashtag these photos with #EveryTreeCounts #BigClimateFightback #WildeyeAdventures to help spread the word, inspire others to join to possibly create their own opportunities, with either schools, communities or social groups. Never under estimate what your ripples can achieve in this world flooded by technology.

On the weekend of Saturday 30th Nov & Sunday 1st December there will be many tree planting events taking place around the UK, in aid of this particular Woodland Trust campaign. Trees provide habitat for wildlife, reduce flooding, keep our soils healthy, regular weather patterns, stabilise our climate, produce oxygen and absorb toxic CO2's from the atmosphere. They play a vital role in keeping us safe here on planet earth. There are many reasons why we need to plant them and most importantly protect the last remaining ancient forests left in the UK and around the world.

Please arrive dressed appropriately for the outdoors. It may be cold and wet and we are planting come rain or shine.

Wear thermals or warm clothing. Bring waterproof trousers and a jacket and please wear either wellies or suitable outdoor boots. City shoes may look nice but they will fail you outdoors and if it's wet (hopefully not) be prepared to get a little muddy. But don't worry, there's an amazing invention called a washing machine that will fix this and remember that mud is actually good for the immune system ;)

We will do a sun dance days before to summon some winter time rays. Join the force.


Tools for digging. A spade, shovel or garden fork (if you have one, bring spares if you can)

Gardening Gloves

Outdoor boots or wellies

Warm clothing | Thermals

Hat & Scarf

Waterproof clothing (Jacket & trousers)

Packed Lunch

Flask with hot drink inside (to warm up and boost moral)

Snacks & fruit for the day

Filled water bottle (there is water on site to refill)

A torch (just in case you are still onsite after dark)


The site is farm land. There is no woodland.

There is no toilet on site. (Anyone bringing children please take this into consideration)

Parking will be available on site.


We will hopefully have 500 native trees to plant sent by the Woodland Trust, you may plant one or more if you wish. Please do not bring any personal trees to plant as the land owner has been very specific about the type of trees they wish to have planted. All trees must be disease free and native.

The trees we have selected grow well on the chalky soil, which is the type of soil found on the land we will be planting on. The following species have been selected to plant:

English Oak



Field Maple

Wild Cherry

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Connect with Wildeye Adventures on social media for further information on environmental causes, campaigns, tree news, bushcraft & survival camps, woodland events and retreats.

Twitter: @NatureWildeye

Join the Treesistance.

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