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Jungle Diaries | Wildeye Adventures Media

Amazon adventures, working as a Survival Instructor in the rainforest in Brazil with Elite Survival Training teaching survival skills.

Being in the rainforest activates a part inside you that may have been dormant or forgotten. What the tree breathes out, we breathe in.

Our lungs even looks like trees.

If just one ancient tree can support life for up to 2000 different species of biodiversity, just imagine what a whole forest holds.

The video includes voices from:

Yara Ghrewati | Wildeye Adventures | Survival Instructor

John Sullivan | Elite Survival Training | Explorer | Survival Instructor

Dr. Mark Plotkin | Ethnobotanist | Founder of the Amazon Conservation Team | TED Speaker

Joao De Silva | Born from an Amazonian tribe until he was 14 years old and now works as a guide in the Amazon in Brazil.

Shaman Estaban | A medicine man born of a tribe in the Amazon

The poem at the end... I saw this poem about 15 years ago written on a piece of paper, stuck on a bamboo wall in the jungles of Bukit Luang in Indonesia. I don't know who wrote it. But thank you to whoever did. I memorised it because I loved it so much.

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If you wish to stand up for tribal cultures around the world please check out the work of Survival International campaigning for the tribal land & human rights.

Stand up for Ancient Trees & Woodlands in the UK by supporting the work and missions of the Woodland Trust. UK's largest woodland conservation organisation.

Stand up for the world's last remaining rainforests.

Check out the work of:

Support any organisation that is campaigning to protect tribal people, rainforests, woodlands and ancient trees.

Once ancient habitat is lost, it cannot be replaced. Protect ecosystems which sustain and balance the circle of life and the survival of humanity.

Protect nature, protect ourselves.

Thank you for watching, thank you for sharing :)

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