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We invite you to join us in open space, surrounded by green fields and trees. To spend time healing in nature, to reconnect, reawaken and nourish your soul. This is an opportunity to find solace in the hills of an area of outstanding natural beauty. 

This overnight camping experience will take place in a private, family-owned campsite in Hertfordshire. With full access to toilets and shower facilities, this camp combines an element of glamping, healing, creative flow and a positive nature fix. 

This is an opportunity to share our skills, as we weave together a network of community in an open and inspiring environment. We offer a number of optional movement, breath and healing workshops, including: 

  • Qi Gong (meditative movement and breathwork)

  • Sound healing (a high-frequency gong bath & other sound healing instruments) 

  • Hatha yoga 

  • Belly dance

  • Hawaiian Massage (not included in ticket price) 

Many of us have been stuck in doors, with little connection with the outside world, with others, with nature. These times have felt extremely isolating for many and we want this experience to revive, heal and regenerate our body and mind. 

On arrival, you will be given a cup of herbal tea and a full introduction of the site. Once you found a pitch and assembled your tent, we’ll settle down with lunch before workshops begin.

At night, we gather around a fire. This is an opportunity to stare into the fire, to connect, to sing, to dance. We welcome instruments and open jams, but most importantly, yourself. 

After a full day of activities, you will probably feel tired by late evening, and we encourage plenty of rest. This is not an all-night party camp (more listening to the wind through the trees, watching the sunset and star gazing kind of camp).

This is an opportunity to reconnect, to rekindle a sense of a community during a time of disconnect and disharmony with the ebb and flow of life.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Maximum 20 guests.

“An opportunity to reconnect with nature, each other and ourselves. “


Date: 26th & 27th June 2021. Connect to be added to the mailing list.

TIME: Begins: 10am Saturday to 4pm Sunday (Overnight camping) 

Location: Private outdoor space, Sarratt, Hertfordshire

PRICE: £120 per adult (includes catered vegan food, all activities & sessions)


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Gong Bath

Receive an hours long gong bathing session using a high frequency gong. Nature Works UK presents sound healing sessions using the gong, Tibetan singing bowls and other sound healing instruments. Designed to shift the brain into a more relaxed state. Feel the powerful vibrations wash over your body and cleanse away any stresses or blockages.  

Yoga Pose

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a traditional form of yoga, designed to integrate the mind, body and breath. Its calming, healing and has a number of therapeutic benefits. Yasmin is Wildeye's Yoga Teacher and loves to take her students into nature. Practising yoga outdoors can help us feel more grounded, as we learn to connect with ourselves and tune into the natural world around us. Please remember to bring mats and loose fitted clothing. 

Belly dance

Belly dancing is an energetic, exotic, feminine art originating from the Middle East. Discover the key root movements of belly dancing and put them into practise to traditional Arabic percussion and tribal fusion music.

belly dancing scarves available but please bring your own if you have one.   

Daytime Belly Dancing

Qi Gong

Nature Works UK presents Qi Gong sessions. Qi gong (pronounced Chi Gong) Is an internal process that has external movements. Qi means life force energy. Gong is the term meaning to work or gather. Qi gong is a healing practise involving gentle movements, breath work with mindfulness and intention to guide and flow chi energy.  

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Fire Jamming Session

After the sun sets, community fires will burn in to the night. We will summon creative fire energy in which to chant, sing, drum and dance.

Follow inner intuition & creativity, allowing yourself to let go and flow. Release and embrace the call of the wild woman. Let us sing and jam together with the burning flames

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Take part in meditation practice during the morning and evening times.

Meditation helps to shift brain patterns into a more relaxed and calmer state of mind. We are conditioned to live a fast paced way of life. Learning to silence the mind in a noise world, helps to support mental health and wellbeing. 

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"Connecting with eachother in nature"

You are required to bring personal tents and camping equipment along to this experience. Camping is on open green field.

Food will be catered for and will consist of warm, nourishing vegan cuisine. Please inform us if you suffer from any food allergies or intolerances.

There are toilet and shower facilities available on site. 

Water is available from various water tap points.


There are charging plug points available.

Parking is available.

There will be community fire spots to gather round. Do not burn any extra fires in the field floor please. 


If you wish to light your own personal fires next to tents for camping. Please bring along personal fire dishes to do so. 

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Are there any toilets?

There are toilets and shower facilities available on this site. 

What kit shall I bring?

You are required to bring personal tents and camping equipment for this experience. You will be sleeping on open fields with surrounding views. 

Is there any water?

There are different drinking water tap points available on site.

Is there any parking?

There is parking on site for cars and small vans.

What if it's raining?

We have tarps for shelter, just in case British weather brings in a summer shower. However, if in the case of heavy rainfall or stormy weather. Retreat may be rescheduled for another date or refund many be issued.

Is there any woodland?

On the site itself there is no woodland. However, right next door is access to a small public woodland that you may venture to, if you wish. 

Will there be food?

Food will be catered for on camp and will be warm, nourishing vegan cuisine. You will be served a lunch on arrival, dinner for the evening. Breakfast the next day and a light lunch.  

Please inform us if you have any food allergies or intolerances. 

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