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Wildeye Adventures presents the Environment & Conservation Show on UK Health Radio.

The Environment & Conservation show raises awareness on environment, conservation, nature connection, eco-living, rewilding, regeneration, sustainable development, indigenous knowledge and climate action.

Voices of the People on the Environment & Conservation Show

Voices of the People is a platform where members of the public can take part by sharing personal opinions & views on selected topic focusing around nature & environmental awareness. We gather a collective of audio recordings from 1minute to 5 minutes long from people from different walks of life. The show itself than becomes collaborative of various people sharing personal views on any given topic. This topic of the show is specifically on outdoor education.

Outdoor instructors, forest school leaders, bushcraft & survival instructors and outdoor education & adventure specialists of all walks of life welcome to contribute.

Why should I take part?

For a sense of community and to raise awareness on the importance of outdoor education. A recent BBC article expressed how outdoor specialists are highlighting the importance of outdoor education and calling for outdoor educational centres to reopen for Easter time. Andy Robinson, chief executive of the Institute for Outdoor Learning warns how the outdoor industry is on a knife edge and if no action is taken or no additional support is provided, the sector stands to lose all its 16,000 jobs.

The outdoor industry plays a vital role is children's experiences and development, many hope that the outdoor industry is not snuffed out. The outdoor industry among others has been hit hard by the lockdown. Many outdoor education centres have had to close their businesses to main customers for almost a year, even during times when other businesses, such as pubs, hotels or restaurants have been allowed to open.

We wish to hear from outdoor instructors, forest school leaders, bushcraft instructors, outdoor adventure specialists and anyone working within the outdoor industry. Tell us why you believe in the importance of the outdoor industry and how outdoor education supports in developing young people. The Environment & Conservation Show is a non-for-profit independent platform created for people & communities to share voices. Please connect.

Email us a voice recording between 1 minute to 5 minute long. Audio only please!

Interview questions:

  • Who you are and what you do (optional)

  • Why do you believe outdoor education is important?

  • What are the benefits of outdoor education?

  • How can outdoor exposure support wellbeing?

How can I record my voice?

It doesn't take long and it's easy to do. On iPhone or Samsung phones search for a "voice memo" app, it's easy to record and share. You may record on your mobile phone if there is a voice recording app on it, most smart phones have them included. Otherwise you may download an app for free on to your device from the App Store.

"What if I make a mistake when recording?"

We are not looking for perfection , we are looking for your passion and love for outdoor education. Speak from the heart and don't worry if you stumble or make any mistakes. Just pause, take a breath and repeat what you wish to say and we may edit any mistakes out. Don't put too much pressure on yourself or worry about it being too perfect.

"I don't wish to share personal details on radio"

You are not obliged to share any personal details and this is completely your call. However, we would be interested to hear your name, location & most importantly the specific outdoor work you are involved in.

Tell us why you stand for outdoor education and it's importance.

We are collecting the voices of outdoor instructors and people working within the outdoor industry that share outdoor education, forest school, wilderness skills, outdoor activities. and adventure.

If you work with the outdoor industry, we would love for you to be a part of this initiative.

Raise your voice for outdoor education and why we need the outdoor industry in our lives!

"But I don't work within the outdoor industry..."

We are focusing on connecting with outdoor instructors for this particular show, but please feel free to contribute to other shows in development. We are looking for contributors for future Voices of the People podcasts on nature connection, HS2 railways development and young people talking about trees & woodlands.

Feel free to join, Sharing is caring.

If you decide to share your passion for the outdoor industry with us and join this initiative. We will contact you to let you know when the show will air on UK Health Radio and how you may listen to it. After the show airs online, it will be available to download for free and you can share with it friends and family on socials.

Together let's help spread the love for the outdoors.

Email audio only to:
Wildeye Adventures presents the Environment & Conservation Show on UK Health Radio


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