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Environment & Conservation Show | UK Health Radio

Yara Ghrewati & Yasmin Dahnoun present the Environment & Conservation Show.

A show dedicated to humanities connection to the natural world. Sharing environmental awareness, conservation, nature science, eco-friendly initiatives, campaigns, sustainable goals and climate action. Interviewing a variety of educators, entrepreneurs, ecologists, conservationists, farmers, activists, ambassadors and professionals impacting communities via environmental causes, climate action and sustainable development. A community platform giving a voice to indigenous people, environmental activists, campaigners, resilient communities and grassroots organisations creating positive change from the ground up. Raising awareness on nature connection, conservation, restoration and the regeneration of natural habitats & ecosystems.

If you are interested in raising awareness or being interviewed on the Environment & Conservation Show. Please connect with Yara via Wildeye Adventures or Yasmin via Earth Witness News. We are always looking for guests to interview for the show. Interviews are recorded via Zoom call, they are not recorded live, you have 45min maximum to share your story.

Please connect and get in touch to share your story/project/campaign/work with us.

Wildeye Adventures Socials:

Twitter: @NatureWildeye

Earth Witness News -

Take a look at the Podcasts section.
Listen to previous podcasts via the UK Health Radio website.


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