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Amongst the endless urban landscape there is still natural beauty to be found.

Shinrin-Yoku aka Forest Bathing. A practice incorporated into Japanese culture.

Is spending peaceful time around trees, woodlands and nature.

Scientists in Japan have been conducting research since 1982 about the healing benefits of spending time around trees. Being in woodlands is scientifically proven to highly enhance natural killer cell productivity, helping to boost the immune system.

Being around nature in general keeps us happy and healthier.

In a fast paced lifestyle of an urbanised world like Tokyo, it's important to find moments of calm and stillness.

Nature is a great healer.

Nature VS Urban Photography of Japan

Japanese Trees

Tokyo Skytree

Views from the top of the Toyko Skytree

Mt Fuji Views

Out of the city and Into the trees

Shinrin-Yoku | Forest Bathing

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