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Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine

In the most recent edition of the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine was a feature on Women in the Wild. I was given the opportunity to be interviewed by Olivia Beardsmore, co-founder and chief editor of the magazine.

I met Olivia at the Bushcraft Show in July 2017. I was there with my buddy Kristine. Who I'd spent 5 weeks with that previous summer running camps with for an outdoor company. We had connected and stayed friends since, always meeting up and sharing our passion for the outdoors together on new experiences. This time we were volunteering at the Bushcraft Show.

The Bushcraft Show is a great place to meet other like minded outdoorsy folk. Offering different workshops, market stalls selling a wide range of authentic outdoor gear that will have your wallet, various outdoor businesses looking to network and a range of people who just love the wild.

I had thought this was a great place to create an interview for the Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio. A online radio show designed to raise awareness on the environment, outdoor education, natural healing and indigenous knowledge. I wished to raise awareness about the event, outdoor education and learn more about what others had to say.

I had the pleasure of meeting some contributive individuals who were a big part of the show and the honour of meeting the legend Ray Mears. A man I have always respected and learned much from in my passion for the outdoors and bushcraft.

You can listen to the Bushcraft Show on the Natural Healing Show here.

Thank you to Olivia for the opportunity to share my experiences of being in the wild and to express the important work of the Woodland Trust charity. Who are campaigning to give ancient woodlands and trees in the UK the protective rights they deserve.

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