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Lockdown Survival Camp

Next Camp Dates: Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th July 2020

Location: Sevenoaks, Kent

We have been separated from nature with all that's been happening. It has highlighted the inequality of green spaces and woodland access within different communities. Being around trees and woodlands is scientifically proven to boost the immune system. Now is the best time to heal in nature and expose senses to the natural world. Now that lockdown measures have eased, we are able to venture out with groups of up to six people from different households. Taking into account all government health and safety regulations, apply the 2 metre distancing regulations and hygiene measures on site at all times. Wildeye Adventures is inviting folks to spend time in private ancient woodlands on the Summer Solstice to learn survival skills. Located in a 23acre woodland space in Brasted Chart in Sevenoaks, Kent, leaving plenty of room to social distance on site. Experience a night in the woods, sleeping under the canopy in your own personal space. After spending the day learning essential survival skills needed to set you up for a night in the woods. No tents allowed. You will sleep separately using natural shelters and tarps. Spend the day learning: How to create a natural shelter Using tarps for shelter How to put up a hammock & basha How to use a bushcraft knife How to create pegs used for shelter Useful fire lighting techniques Foraging for tinder & useful fire lighting materials How to create & maintain fire How to cook over a fire (camp cooking) Useful trees, fungi and plants used in bushcraft Useful knots used in bushcraft Useful kit to have in a bug-out survival bag Water purification Leave No Trace Survival Education & Psychology After practicing learned survival skills, you will be able to put them to the test on an independent overnight experience. Find your own patch in the woods, create a shelter and cook an evening meal over a fire. Finish the evening either watching the sunset, forest bathing, wood carving or just staring at the fire (natures TV) The night is what you make of it. After the sun sets you’ll be on your own but the communal camp space will still be within reach. A warm hearty middle eastern vegetarian breakfast is provided (optional) The next morning you will wake up under the trees, de-camp and leave no trace. Say goodbye to the trees and be on your way home for 12pm (midday). KIT LIST: • Sleeping bag (3 Season) • Roll Matt • Torch • Waterproof Jacket (Incase of a shower) • Re-fillable water bottle • Mess Tin • Camp Food (1x Lunch & 1x Evening meal to cook over a fire) • Hand Sanitiser After booking, you will be sent more detailed information via email. This will include camp cooking ideas, kit list, things to know, location, risk assessment, booking form etc. This entire course is self-catered and encourages an independent experience in the woods, cooking your own personal camp food over a fire. After gaining the relevant survival training provided on the course, you will have the opportunity to put learned skills to the test, helping to boost your confidence in wild camping.

PRICE: (Includes survival education & training, hiring of bushcraft equipment & tools & land owner fees) Adult x 1 = £90 Adult x 1 (Inc. Breakfast) = £95 Youth x 1 (6 years plus) = £70 Youth x 1 (Inc. Breakfast) = £75 If you bring along a second adult. A discount becomes available. Adult x 2 = £175 Adult x 2 (Inc. Breakfast) £185 Booking via:

Check out the website for further details: Drop an email to:

DATES: You can book on the dates shown on the Facebook event page. Wildeye Adventures is currently available and able to take groups with a minimum of 4 people only on private bookings and maximum of 6 people until further notice. Please contact us to collaborate for other dates and availability.

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