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Wildeye Adventures can offer belly dancing courses & workshops. Yara embraces her Arabic roots and has been teaching and performing belly dance for the last ten years. She has performed in different theatres, club nights, restaurants, festivals in the UK and abroad. 


The belly dance workshops are easy to follow, involve energetic cardio with shimmies, hip drops, hip snaps, upper body movements and more.

Designed to breakdown and teach different belly dancing movements, learning to isolate specific areas of your body as well as exercising, toning up hips, waist, thighs and abdomen to help create a good physique and reduce mental tension.


Belly dancing is a great way to beat stress, feel empowered and have fun.                                                                                           

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Bellydancing workshops are available for festivals or outdoor & indoor events for women only. Beginners are welcome and workshops can last from one to two hours long. Timings are flexible. If you would like Yara to lead any Tribal Fusion or traditional Arabic bellydancing, please enquire. 


Tribal or traditional Arabic percussion bellydancing is available for hen dos. If you have a particular venue in mind in or around the London area, travel is possible. 

If you would like to try out bellydancing out in the woods, please check out Adhurst Yurts in Hampshire for a more glamping experience and please request bellydancing as an activity when booking. 

If you would prefer to camp out and include bushcraft in your outdoor experience, please check out Wildeye Survival Camps, we create overnight camps in ancient woodlands in Sevenoaks, Kent.

We adapt camps to suit the needs of each individual group.