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Wildeye Survival Camp is an 18+ adult only course. For more family orientated courses that include children and youth, check out Camp Wildeye or Birthdays. Guaranteed to bring out your wild side.

Our woodland camps teach survival skills and encourage nature connection. Based in a 23acre private ancient woodland in Brasted Chart in Sevenoaks, Kent. For more child friend camps check out Bushcraft Birthdays or Camp Wildeye.

Spend, a full day or an overnight sleeping under a canopy of trees. Learn essential survival & bushcraft skills and discover what nature can provide to survive. Be prepared to adapt to the elements (the weather.)

Being outdoors requires resilience and endurance, especially in the colder and darker times of year. 

You will receive clear instructions & practical demonstrations of all bushcraft skills, followed by the opportunity to practise for yourself. Wildeye gives the opportunity to have an independent experience out in wild-like woods and bushcraft skills require problem solving abilities. You will learn from the experience itself and be guided in the woods.


Empower yourself with knowledge of the wild and skills that teach self-reliance & personal responsibility. Learn about useful trees, plants & fungi and discover how to work with nature, rather than against it. Feel free to ask as many questions, this it your opportunity to learn more and everyone has their own particular outdoor interests. 


Our overnight camps encourage a more independent & secluded experience. You will have the opportunity to explore the woods, find your own patch and set up a camp. The level of difficulty is yours to choose, so don't expect a military style camp. Wildeye instructors will support you during the experience and be there to offer guidance. However, at night time you will be left alone in your camp, staff will be on site but out of sight until the next morning and the sound of the flute calls you to breakfast. 

Constructing natural shelters requires energy consumption and manual labour. Tarps are provided for shelter making. Bushcraft hammocks are available on request. Spend time foraging for tinder & fuel.

Discover different ways to light and maintain a fire - without using a lighter or matches. Learn how to carve pegs, how to use a bushcraft knife and cook dinner over a fire. Discover camp craft and outdoor skills that support you in traveling further, off the beaten track and with less stuff. 


Leave our camps feeling inspired and with a sense of empowerment. Having adopted valuable knowledge that gives you the ability to be a more confident explorer.



We create courses & events in woodlands and adapt camps to suit individual groups needs.

If you wish to organise a personal woodland experience with a specific group of adults. Please get in touch.

We require a minimum of 7 in a group to run a camp. 

For either an in-depth one to one session or a private smaller group. Check out Alone in the Woods page.

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  • Natural Shelter Building

  • Using tarps for shelter

  • Hammock & Basha set up

  • How to use a bushcraft knife & techniques on how to chop, carve and shave wood

  • Creating pegs for natural shelters

  • Useful bushcraft knots

  • How to light & maintain a camp fire

  • Useful trees, plants and fungi used in bushcraft

  • Woodland safety & awareness

  • What to have in a bug out bag

  • Water purification techniques

  • Lost Procedure

  • Leave no trace

  • SOS signalling for help



10AM - 12PM (NEXT DAY)

After a creative day of survival & bushcraft education, you will be prepared with the relevant and required education, enough to be responsible for you own personal well being. Camping away from the communal teaching area, for a more secluded experience.

Our instructors will be there throughout the day, offering guidance and support. Checking to see if all shelters are safe, waterproof & adequate. The level of difficultly is up to you. If you would like to challenge yourselves throughout the experience, you are encouraged to create natural shelters. This gives a more for-filling survival experience having created a shelter using what nature provides. If you wish to work less on shelter building, you may choose create shelters using tarps (tarps provided) hammocks are also available on request.

British weather can be unpredictable and unexpected rainfall may result in testing personal abilities. However, survival skills when applied efficiently can create a positive outcome.

When the sun sets, instructors will be on site but out of site. You may spend the evening how you please, sitting by the fire light (Nature's TV). Take a walk to explore woods and venture to nearby fields for moon watching or star gazing. The evening is what you make of it! Further training commences after breakfast the next morning.

Please bring enough food and snacks for the duration of your stay. Breakfast is provided for the morning after and the sound of the flute calls you for breakfast.


Breakfast provided is a warm, energy boosting, healthy, traditional vegan Middle Eastern dish called Foul. It has been well received on previous camps. Drinking water is available on camp so please bring a refillable water bottle along to refill bottles.

As well as learning survival skills, this experience encourages setting independence free; giving individuals the opportunity to spend time in the woods left in solitude. 








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​Full Day
10:00 - 17:00 (£75 per adult) 

Overnight Camp -
10:00am - 12:00pm (Next Day)
£85 per adult (including breakfast)
Minimum 8 people per camp 
Maximum 18 people per camp


If you would like to organise your own personal camp or focus on specific bushcraft skills
Connect with us. 

Any questions or enquiries? Please visit the contact us page or connect via Wildeye Adventures Facebook & Instagram

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Are there any toilets?

There are no toilets in the woods, so please be prepared in going back to basics. Bring toilet tissue & hand sanitiser. You’ll be advised on site. Think like a wild cat.

What kit shall I bring?

You are required to bring a sleeping bag, roll matt and travel pillow to camp. These items are not supplied by Wildeye Adventures.


You will be sent a kit list via email before attending camp. Or take a look at our "Kit List" page on the blog.

Don't believe that you need to buy lots of expensive outdoor equipment for this experience. 

What clothes do I wear?

Please wear suitable outdoor clothing, take warm clothing, good socks, a good pair of outdoor shoes or boots.

Bring a waterproof jacket. Waterproof trousers are optional. 

Will I be comfortable sleeping on the forest floor?

You are required to bring foam/roll mats to keep you off the floor. You will be given training on how to make a shelter warmer and more comfortable. 

What if it's really cold?

That's when a fire comes in handy. If you are someone who doesn't deal too well in cold weather. Please be sure to bring with you extra warm clothing, thick socks, warm trousers and a jumper. Thermal clothing is useful. You can also bring hot water bottle along, we can provide hot water. Be sure to forage enough fire wood before nightfall. If you are camping overnight on colder months of the year, be prepared for resilience and endurance. 

Is there any water?

Please bring a re-fillable bottle with you. There is water on site if you need to refill. Herbal teas are provided.

There will be hot water available and on the go for teas and coffee (Herbal teas provided)

Can I cook my own food over a fire?

All camps are self-catered on the first day. You will need to cook your dinner over a fire. You are required to bring along a packed lunch, snacks and an evening meal to cook over a fire for dinner. Breakfast is provided the next morning.

What if it's raining?

British weather can be unpredictable and we can get all the seasons in one day. It's advisable to bring waterproof clothing if you suspect the weather will be wet. If it isn't raining, than it isn't training! However, in cases of heavy rainfall and wind, camps may be subject to rescheduling or cancellation for safety reasons. Scheduling or refunds can be provided, if this is the case.

Questions we haven't answered?

We are happy to answer any questions if you have any. Please contact us.

You are always welcome to get in touch if you wish to organise your own personal woodland experience for family or friends.


Wildeye Adventures shares outdoor education in the aims to promote a connection to the natural world, personal responsibility and self-reliance.

Please be aware that you are responsible for your own health and safety whilst on camp.

Please ensure that you bring any required medications needed with you and take personal responsibility for them. We cannot carry or look after any medications on your behalf. 

Please be aware that we encourage a strong sense of awareness towards the environment whilst on camp, bring rubbish bags to take away any trash with you off camp. Please d not leave any litter in the woods. Do not burn plastic on camp fires as this can create toxic chemicals which may be harmful to health and the environment. Please do not burn any cans or glass bottles on fires. If not burned out properly they can leave behind sharp objects which may harm wildlife.

Woodlands are always full of uneven grounds, falling branches and other risks to be aware of.

Please ensure you always wear suitable clothes and footwear whilst spending time in woodlands. 

Absolutely no hunting, harming or the killing of wildlife is allowed on site. 

Wildeye Adventure camps are all self-catered. Wildeye Adventures instructors are not responsible for any food you bring on camp and all food is your own responsibility. There are no shops in the woods so do organise yourself or your group before arrival on camp and come prepared for an overnight experience in the woods. There are no kitchen facilities on camp, after bushcraft  training your camp is your own creation and you will be cooking food over an open fire.

There are no toilets on site, so it's going back to the wild way. You are advised best on how to do so in woodland awareness.

Please bring a small first aid kit with you, self-treat & self-care if and when needed. Woodlands are a wild and natural environment. Be aware that there may be trip hazards from tree roots or uneven ground, observation skills are needed. Look out for poisonous or stinging plants such as Foxglove, Nettles or Bramble.

Wildeye Adventures instructors are not responsible for any injuries or illnesses that may occur whilst on camp. However, we are first aid trained and can offer support, however your personal health and safety is in your own hands whilst on site.


Thank you for your understanding. Stay wild.