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Interview with Lizian Events

At the Network WellBeing Show I was interviewed by Ian from Lizian Events. His wife is Liz.

See what they did there.

Had the opportunity to talk about trees and conservation on behalf on the Woodland Trust.

Raising awareness and campaigning for the creation, protection and restoration of ancient trees and woodlands in the UK.

"There are many reasons to join The Woodland Trust: Here are four ideas worthy of consideration. The health benefits of spending time in a woodland. The thousands of acres of forestry which you can access and enjoy. Finding inner peace by connecting to nature. Our children’s environmental inheritance." - Ian (Lizian Events)

Listen to the full interview here:

Watch the TED Talk on "How Trees Talk to Eachother" by Suzanne Simard

"A forest is much more than what you see," says ecologist Suzanne Simard. Her 30 years of research in Canadian forests have led to an astounding discovery — trees talk, often and over vast distances. Learning more about the harmonious yet complicated social lives of trees and prepare to see the natural world with new eyes.


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