Looking for Outdoor Work?

December 15, 2016

When searching for Outdoor & Adventure Work there are a number of websites that are a good place to begin.

Be sure to check out the websites below to view a variety of work available in the outdoor industry:






THE INSTITUTE FOR OUTDOOR LEARNING - www.outdoor-learning.org


EXPLORERS CONNECT - www.explorersconnect.com


OUTDOOR STAFF - www.outdoorstaff.co.uk


ENVIRONMENT JOB - www.environmentjob.co.uk


ADVENTURE WORK - www.adventurework.co.uk




Facebook groups are a great place to connect with other outdoor instructors & companies, they regularly share outdoor work available around the UK and abroad. 


Join Facebook Groups:


Outdoor Instructor Jobs 


Freelance Outdoor Instructors


Outdoor activity Instructors Worldwide


Outdoor Gear Exchange UK

This group is for any outdoor gear you may wish to buy, sell or trade.