Forests support life and provide a wealth of benefits for humans and millions of other species. Forests also lock up carbon and drive down the temperature while regulating water cycles and fortifying communities against the effects of climate change. To learn more about the work of RAIN please visit the website.

Regenerating ecosystems and local economies.



Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network

Agroforestry is a highly effective technique for regenerating degraded land and helping communities become more resilient to the effects of climate change. Land and waterways can be rapidly regenerated with this technique, allowing insects, birds and animals to thrive alongside humans.

RAIN is promoting the transition from conventional agriculture to sustainable agroforestry in Brazil.


This land management system involves growing crops together with trees and planting diverse species in sync with nature.


Wildeye Adventures works closely with RAIN to develop projects in reforestation in the UK & Brazil. Working together with local communities and schools helping to create tree sapling nurseries and tree planting initiatives. As well as working closely with indigenous people in the Terena Nation helping to reforest degraded indigenous reserves.

Supporting agroforestry in Brazil.

Working with indigenous cultures and local communities. Lets plant trees together.


Agroforestry is a sustainable approach which restores ecosystems and local economies. Planting is mixed instead of the monoculture associated with conventional farming, and it generates abundant produce from the very first months, quickly sustaining the livelihoods of those living in synergy with nature.


RAIN empowers school children to transform their environments and take an active role in safeguarding their futures.

School children can also be positive agents for change. Where landowners are often fairly conservative and resistant to new ways of doing things, children are usually more open to new ideas.


We have seen that children who learn about hydrology and ecosystem restoration at school are often the best teachers in their own communities, sharing what they learn with their parents and extended families. Those family members who are land-owners become much more open to implementing sustainable land management.


A sustainable future on earth is going to require reforestation on a massive scale.

Forests support life and provide a wealth of benefits for humans and millions of other species. Regenerating ecosystems and local economies. Forests also lock up carbon and drive down the temperature while regulating water cycles and fortifying communities against the effects of climate change. To learn more about the work of RAIN please visit the website.

Wildeye Adventures supports RAIN's environmental programmes with a focus on working togeher with indigenous cultures to help regenerate land degraded by human activity over centuries. Tribal communities are on the front line of the climate crisis are leading this important work. 





Please visit the R.A.I.N. website for further information on reforestation & agroforestry projects




If you are a business wishing to support community environmental action and sustainable development.

Financing our projects will help reforest and regenerate deforested land. Wildeye Adventures is helping to develop reforestation and tree planting initiatives together with RAIN.



We are always looking for skilled individuals to support our conservation & environmental projects. By volunteering your time and skills to support our causes. Contact us to find out more about how you can get involved.



Who are R.A.I.N.?

R.A.I.N. stands for Regeneration Agroforestry Impact Network and creates reforestation and agroforestry projects in Brazil. Working with local farmers and communities to help restore the Atlantic forest, in which 90% has been lost to deforestation. RAIN works with schools & businesses in the UK to developing tree planting schemes, or creating forest gardens. Educating on agroforestry methods, rather than traditional farming methods which strip the land of its natural habitat.

Forests help to stablise weather patterns and regulate climate. They help to produce rainfall and keep soil healthy; preventing flooding and draught.

Please visit the RAIN website for more information on how to get involved.

Are you a business?

Are you a business with a space within an urban building or land space, in which we can work to develop a forest garden or wild flower permaculture space? (good for the birds and bees) We are looking to connect with local & corporate business who wish to develop a more environmentally conscious approach to a space, they envision has potential. Working in partnership with RAIN means we can connect you to tree planting, wild flower spaces or forest garden schemes.

Are you a land owner?

If you have any ideas to share or feel inspired to open your land space to tree planting initiatives; please get in touch. We can connect and possibly come to visit; discuss ideas or possible ways in which to develop outdoor education & environmental initiatives, workshops or the creating of forest gardens, tree planting or permaculture schemes with either schools, communities or to the general public.

Working with Schools

Wildeye Adventures works with RAIN; to develop projects for schools and for young people to get involved in environmental causes, workshops and outdoor education. We offer presentations on rainforest environments and tree & forest conservation, agroforestry & permaculture. Focusing on working with nature, rather than against it.

Educating on the healing benefits of spending time around trees & nature, staring campaigns and eco projects and teaching how to create environmental action projects within the community.

We assist in getting young people outside of the classroom, working together on permaculture projects, tree planting schemes or even helping to create and develop forest gardens, within a business or a community. We connect community projects together, with other businesses or companies wishing to have a space environmentally developed. If you are a teacher, educational practitioner or leader of a social community and wish to get involved in the creation of future tree planting schemes, forest gardens, outdoor & environmental education or permaculture. Please connect via the contact page.




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